Good news from Navionics !

navionicsMy article on the iPad as future device for iNavX, I expressed the commercial position of Navionics about installing their charts on a single device (Read the answer quoted by Amanda Holt).

Well, Navionics has to change its attitude and it's great !

Navionics now allows two activations their charts and maps bought from their website.

« NOTE : This product direct download will only work on two computers on which they have been activated. The downloaded maps can be used on two computers that you own. To install on other machines, you must acquire a new license. Ces cartes NE peuvent PAS être copiées sur une CF ou SD Card pour être utilisées sur un lecteur-traceur supportant Navionics. "
This is available for all charts, with MacENC as iNavX and retroactive for purchases already done.
If you do not find a second activation – for a second Mac or a second iPhone / iPod Touch – your account X-Traverse, contact X-Traverse support.

For access to downloading charts, I refer, for MacENC article Enable and use charts… this blog and iNavX until video tutorial # 1 from my website.


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  1. Hello , I'm waiting for the iPad use it as alternative tool for mapping marine GPS solutions. The iPhone has a screen too small to get a satisfactory mapping, is more a fallback. The potential importance of the iPad : screen size satisfactory, beautiful self, a single charge without loss of energy coupling from the uncoupler-12V, Finally and most importantly can be a unique ergonomic use.
    Meanwhile a dedicated version for the device, (assuming it happens), and assuming that the GPS solution is the iPad performance, porting iNavX can be a serious alternative to dedicated instruments charting type Furuno or Garmin ? It seems that iPad is preferable to a micro computer for recreational use.
    Bravo for your site, and for the valuable advice that you make.

    1. iNavX is designed to operate as is on iPad, and without extra cost to those who have already acquired the software for their iPhone. In addition, the developer prepares ergonomic improvements that will allow iNavX enjoy the resolution and screen size when it is launched on iPad. Difficult to compare what will iPad with dedicated players. For my own, as explained in my article on the iPad, I see more of this tool as very economical alternative to a laptop (PC or Mac) its versatility, its autonomy and its low power consumption. It remains to see the robustness of the device, the reception quality of the GPS, whether or not the connection of instruments through the converter Dock / USB. Questions that can only respond to the use of the first aircraft delivered.

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