Weather4D sur Mac M1

We have been talking about it since 2020 in the Facebook group of Weather4D users, and often in the support, Weather4D Routing & Navigation now works on Mac with M1 processors, with the system MacOS 11.x ("Big Sur" and following). All you need to do is connect the Mac to a GPS receiver or a NMEA gateway via Wi-Fi to receive the position and navigation data from the instruments.. Read more …

Navygatio : Weather4D's 5th dimension [Update]

Navygatio - page d'accueil web

Navygatio – web home page

Weather4D Routing & Navigation User Guides brings a major novelty : the serviceNavygatio (¹), a web interface which will allow to record the navigations on a server as time goes by, to add photos, to share own page with relatives, to compare the tracks, to analyze performance, and many more things to come. A real " cloud at the unique service of Weather4D Routing & Navigation User Guides users with iOS and SailGrib WR with Android. Read more …

MacENC is back

MacENCx64 is now the name of the MacENC application which has just been released by its new developer NavStation.

MacENC has been fully adapted and recompiled in 64 bits for recent MacOS systems and new processors, which explains the new denomination. I continue to ensure the French translation. But beware : to date the Navionics cartography is no longer available. So there is no charting yet for the coasts of Europe, except ENC S-57 and S-63 available by Chartworld (see page Digital charting). Read more …

Navigation Mac tutorials on your iPad [Update]

A growing number of boaters now uses an iPad at sea. But offshore, when no network connection is available, and therefore no more internet access, how to access different aid or technical instructions regarding the tools used ?

The answer is in the creation of a library of files in PDF format that can be easily stored in the application Apple Books, for free, fortunately. Read more …

MacENC and GPSNavX disappear forever [Update]

Since 30 September 2018 (*), I already had information regarding discontinuation by NAVX Studio LLC of the development of two historical applications created by Richard Ray : GPSNavX and MacENC. The buyers of these applications and iNavX had clearly announced focuse only to the development of iNavX, on iOS and Android. It is likely that applications on Mac no longer had any profitability, especially with the loss of Navionics charts for MacENC. Read more …

Navionics charts are no longer available for MacENC [Update]

[Update 30 September 2018] Warning : MacENC application is no longer supported by its developers. It no longer reads raster charts and Navionics charts are no longer available. Application is discontinued to date.

Since the upgrade of Navionics Gold to Navionics Plus (¹), Navionics supply disappeared from Fugawi / Charts folder for MacENC. Thinking of a temporary disappearance, I finally asked the Fugawi support who confirmed (between the lines) permanently deleted : Read more …

The new boundaries of the NV Charts

I had presented in may 2015 the excellent raster charts NV Charts by the German Publisher NV Verlag. In 2016, the previous cutting in 4 areas for France - Channel and Atlantic coasts - has been split into 8 areas for 49,90$ each. These cards are available on the site for iNavX Fugawi / Charts ( It is worth noting that each year a new edition replaces the previous, there is no update.

Bounderies in 2015

Read more …

iNavX changes hands

New developers, new logo, new splash page, and new web site.

Version 4.7.0 just be issued by NavX Studios LLC, the company that bought all of Richard Ray's computer creations : GPSNavX, MacENC and iNavX.

Procurement is carried out during the summer. New developers (they are two) were first focused on iNavX, for a first update of debugging, performance optimization and acceleration of charts downloading with X-Traverse. Let us hope that this transfer will bring a new dynamic to these excellent applications, whose creation and development have rested since 2002 on the unique Rich Ray's keyboard.

I continue to test and produce the French version of these applications on behalf of the new team.