DataLinker and Sail Racer arrive us from Lithuania

SailRacer UAB is a small Lithuanian company founded in 2013 by a team of experienced developers and regatta passionate . They design solutions for the sailors and clubs, both software and devices, focusing on developing applications and essential accessories to the processing of navigation data for mobile devices and their operation through the Cloud. They provide an application specifically dedicated to the regatta, Sail Racer, and the first Bluetooth NMEA gateway in the market, DataLinker.

DataLinker, a Bluetooth NMEA gateway

The DataLinker allows to receive data from the instruments on a smartphone, a tablet or other compatible mobile device, thanks to the Bluetooth Smart technology (¹). You can use wind data, Compass, log, sounder and GPS with any dedicated application connected to the internet in Wi - Fi and so share this data via the Cloud.

Currently, wireless access to internet while connected over Wi-Fi to navigation instruments through a gateway requires a Wi-Fi connection setup on the device , only few users have mastered. To overcome this drawback, the DataLinker uses Bluetooth Smart technology (¹). So, the Wi-Fi tablet port remains available for a connection to the internet.

With the DataLinker, can both receive data from the instruments, use a tactic or navigation application, load raw and calculated data on the Cloud and to benefit its friends of live own track. A fleet of boat can share its data, a regatta club can offer simple and economic way real-time tracking and a coach can follow the progress of its teams (a specific application has been designed for clubs).

However, the device remains limited to a single NMEA connection, do not multiplexing and does not support SeaTalk protocol, unlike products such as Miniplex ShipModul's website.

The ABS case meets the standard of IP54 protection (²). It has a single connector and 3 operation LEDs. The stand-alone cable provided includes two power wires and the two NMEA output wires supporting 4800 to 38400 baud.

Specifications :

  • Range : 50 meters
  • Interfaces : RS232, RS422
  • Data format : NMEA 0183
  • Rate : 4800-38400
  • Power supply : 10-30 V.
  • Consumption : 35 My (12 V.)
  • Cable power/data provided : 1 meter
  • Dimensions : 100 x 50 x 25 mm
  • Weight : 90 g
  • Standard protection : IP54 (²)

Sail Racer

The Sail Racer application is intended for the racing sailors. It uses the data provided by the instruments of the boat (GPS, Wind, Compass) associated with a Polar speed in an interface offering instant vision of progress towards the start line or course mark.

Direct competitor of iRegatta, Sail Racer assists the skipper to cross the starting line at the top and the best place, to choose the best legs upwind and downwind, to follow the best course taking into account wind, Polar speed and drift.

The interface is customizable, designed to present the most relevant information at a single glance, with several available screens by swiping. Several modes are available : preparation for starting (pre-start), starting (Start), on course (course).

An account on allows you to store waypoints, regatta courses, events and tracks. It is essential to use the features of the application. Free download, the basic functions are limited, a subscription of 10 € per year is required to access full-function.

The DataLinker is not yet available in France, the Sail Racer application is already available on iOS and Android, for smartphone and tablet. The application of course supports the DataLinker, but also any Wi-Fi gateway using the TCP/IP protocol. Wait until the first tests to make a final judgement.

(¹) Bluetooth 4.0, also called BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
(²) Reminder on IP protection indicesxx :
First digit : protection against solid bodies (dust, sand)

  • 5 = Protected against dust

Second digit : protection against liquids

  • 4 = Protection against splashing water

For more details, see This document.


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  1. Thank you Mr, I'm not you very well, These settings are back to the iPad ?
    Sail Racer accepts data in NMEA2000 ?

    1. If you read carefully the documentation of Navico, you will see that the Wifi-1 gateway transmits NMEA0183 data. You connect your iPad to access point Wi - Fi module, and you enter Sail Racer the IP address and the Port of transmission. If it does not work, you contact their support.

  2. Hello,

    Is that it is way to retrieve the NMEA news 2000 via wifi GoFree of BG for use in Sail Racer?

    Thank you,

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