Reed's Almanac iPad application is discontinued

In February 2016 I wrote a laudatory article about this digital version of Reed's Nautical Almanac, a wealth of information on the coasts of western Europe. Alas, Bloomsbury editor, which bought Reed's editions a few years ago, has decided otherwise. The end announced earlier this year was conducted in September.

Those who are already owner of the app, with an "all areas" subscription will be able to continue to use it. However all daily information from an internet connection (weather, MetOffice weather maps, tides, aso.) will no longer be updated, nor the permanent nautical and port information. Fortunately the latter are present in memory in the application, and still usable a few years.

Bloomsbury provides only the traditional paper books, accompanied by a perfectly indigestible PDF version.

What a pity!



One Reply to “Disappearance of the Almanac application on iPad”

  1. Francis
    I totally agree. This electronic format was very well done and very practical. I also regret.
    Hopefully another publisher resume this kind of format for both almanac that the Reeds accompanying my long voyages.

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