Navionics Boating mutating

Since Garmin has acquired Navionics (¹), it will not take more than a year for Navionics also make its small (r)evolution in its flagship iOS and Android application . New logo, renouncing the multiplicity of applications, abandonment of duality iPad/iPhone, pricing standardization, bring, among other changes, a little more consistency in supply. Read more …

Navionics Boating 9.0 the point about what's new

Updated on 17 May, Navionics Boating presents some modifications, in the presentation and functionality.

First of all only subsist Navionics Boating for iPhone and "Boating HD" » for iPad. The old names have disappeared, happily because confusion was great. Version purchased with built-in charting has the name of the region, for example "Europe HD" for iPad. On the other hand, there is a free version called "Seas and Lakes" which allows to test then buy a chart of the area of choice, and additional options. Read more …

Navionics Boating : Italian at the top of business [Update]

How make the new with the old ? Navionics knows ! After publishing geographic areas including a navigation application, now here is an application, but without charting. Italian are too much !

Navionics Boating complements, since January 2014, the collection of applications Marine (iPhone) and Marine HD (iPad). Also available as standard version for iPhone and HD for iPad, Navionics Boating has the same version number 6.0 than others. Navionics point, on dedicated page its website, that Navionics "Boating" does not replace Navionics "Marine" which will continue to be updated. However, it is permissible to ask for how long, because this new application provides a very bad surprise. Read more …

Navionics Marine louder

Fort of 1 million applications for mobile devices sold, announced end of April 2013, Navionics continues to introduce new and more attractive options. However, the term "attractive" might sometimes rhyme with "disenchanted".

The last option in-app available from 15 August 2013 is called NavionicsPlus. This is the fourth paying option that adds to its applicarions Navionics Navionics Marine iPhone and iPad. What is it ?

Read more …

Navionics new offer on AppStore

The 23 December, Navionics has posted on the AppStore new charting apps for iPhone and iPad. This offer fully replaces the previous, without the possibility of updating.

The new version is now numbered 1.0 and is to buy for all customers, including owners of previous versions. In return, it reduces the number of apps because areas coverage are significantly enlarged. Read more …

Navionics Mobile and Community Sharing

Once will not hurt, I relayed the information in French from Blog Panbo which have interest for Apple mobile devices users.

Vous pourrez lire l’article américain intégral « Navionics Mobile, UGC & Plotter Sync » dont je tire ce billet.

Community Sharing

  • User Generated Content (User generated content)
  • Social Mapping or Social Charting (Social mapping)
  • Crowd Sourcing (Crowd sourcing)

All these english words mean the same principle : sharing to the community all maritime information collected by each charting software user. In other words, each boater can use its navigation application to share all information on any changes observed over charts. This may involve the markup, the erection of a new quay or the appearance of new catways in a harbour, practical information on new harbourt services, incorrect positioning of a rock or the appearance of an uncharted shoal, etc. Read more …