Weather4D Routing & Navigation supports Imray charts

With yesterday's delivery of the version 2.0.54, Weather4D add Imray charts (¹) to the Routing & Navigation, recently available in Geogarage. Five layers cover the Atlantic facade (²) , from the North Sea and the Shetlands to the Canaries and the Azores, and one layer covers the Greater and Lesser Antilles.

But the most important are the three layers covering the western, central and eastern Mediterranean, which now provide detailed coverage from the Ionian Sea to the Aegean Sea. An excellent complement to the international SHOM layer. Read more …

Smart navigation – From paper charts to augmented reality

I relayed here, in French, an article published in the British magazine Yachting Monthly (¹) charts portfolio on 30 th. The subject deals with the debate between paper charts and electronic navigation, by stating many truths, but also sometimes one or two untruths. The purpose has the merit of presenting contrasting arguments, and to obtain the opinion of recognized UK's professional boaters. Since the confinement imposes time constraints on us, let's take this opportunity to enjoy this instructive reading.… Read more …

Imray charts are coming on iPhone and iPad

A little history

Imray charts, Laurie, Norie & Wilson LTD is the private publisher of nautical charts and nautical books the best known of England. It is also the oldest, heir of the first private publishers of nautical charts of the 18th century, les « bluebacks » ou « blueback charts », who owed their name to the blue manilla paper highly resistant used by these manufacturers.

I found out the Imray charts for yachting during my first trip to the West Indies, the late 80. All rental boats which I was involved were equipped with these charts, a smaller format so convenient to spread on the chart tables, Water resistant, folded and presented in robust clear pockets.

Featuring beautiful colors, very readable, they had many cartridges details of ports and anchorages, extremely useful for navigation.

This format, A few years later, largement inspiré le SHOM pour les cartes pliées « P » plaisance. I sold it for several years in my shipchandler store in Nantes, and I always use a few copies I have treasured.

imray papier

Imray charts for boating

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