Integrate tablets with onboard instruments : Wi-Fi gateways

For several years it is possible to integrate iPads and other mobile devices using Wi-Fi to onboard instruments. This enables navigation applications, not only receive all sensor data : log, anemometer, sounder, AIS, etc, but also to send their own navigation data to instruments, as, for example, to control an autopilot.

This integration involves devices called “gateways” or “routers” which connect to the networks of the instruments., receive the data circulating through these networks, and transceive in Wi-Fi to tablets and smartphones. Some navigation applications are being developed to process this data and transform mobile devices into real navigation centers. Read more …

Miniplex-3Wi-N2K Firmware Update 2.0

ShipModul just completed a major upgrade V.2.0.6 of MiniPlex-3 firmware. Once installed in the MiniPlex-3-N2K, it becomes a certified product NMEA2000®. To perform this update, it is imperative to download and install the new version of the utility MPX-Config3 V.2.4.1 (¹). the firmware update is integrated into the utility package. Read more …

Miniplex-3Wi-N2K : Major updates

ShipModul manufacturer comes to provide on its web site two major updates to dowload for its multiplexer Miniplex-3 :

  • Firmware Miniplex-3 V.1.17
  • Firmware Wireless V.1.4

Two update files, featured with a procedure (in English), are packaged in a single folder WiFi V1.4.0.0. Download. The implementation can be done with the configuration utility MPX-Config V.2.1.0 minimum, available in PC and Mac versions. Read more …

DataLinker and Sail Racer arrive us from Lithuania

SailRacer UAB is a small Lithuanian company founded in 2013 by a team of experienced developers and regatta passionate . They design solutions for the sailors and clubs, both software and devices, focusing on developing applications and essential accessories to the processing of navigation data for mobile devices and their operation through the Cloud. They provide an application specifically dedicated to the regatta, Sail Racer, and the first Bluetooth NMEA gateway in the market, DataLinker.

DataLinker, a Bluetooth NMEA gateway

The DataLinker allows to receive data from the instruments on a smartphone, a tablet or other compatible mobile device, thanks to the Bluetooth Smart technology (¹). You can use wind data, Compass, log, sounder and GPS with any dedicated application connected to the internet in Wi - Fi and so share this data via the Cloud.

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Signal K Project, l’ universal open source exchange of marine data

You will soon hear about Signal K, un standard de communication de données marines, developed in open source, which aims to replace the standard NMEA (0183 and 2000) technically overwhelmed by the exponential development of connected objects. Designers intend to make an open and free protocol developers and industrial customers, for s & rsquo; free of the constraints of NMEA standards : cost of licenses, flow limits, limit the number and types of & rsquo; camera, failure to adapt to complex environments, wireless communications, therefore incompatible with the & rsquo; Internet of Things and & rsquo; tout court internet.

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Miniplex-2wi and Configuration Utility for Mac OS X [Update-2]

Company ShipModul website has directed a version Mac OS X, the configuration utility MPX-Config configuration utility for the multiplexer Miniplex-2Wi (¹). It is now available in Downloads section of their website. This utility allows to make the multiplexer settings without going through Windows.

[Update 2/11/2014] MPX-Config V.3.70.0 is compatible with OS 10.10 « Yosemite ». It manages the firmware 3.30 and sup. of Miniplex-2Wi. You will need to connect your Miniplex to a Mac (as Windows PC) with the USB cable, After having first downloaded and installed this latest version, as the last driver USB supplied on the web site of ShipModul (²). You must be connected to the Internet, is WiFi, in 3G / 4G, sharing if necessary cellular connection.

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Combine instruments NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183

Actisense ngw-1In a previous entry I talked about NGW-1 by Actisense company (¹), an NMEA 0183 converter to NMEA 2000 bidirectional.
Since then, This gateway has been available in several versions. Each of which can connect to the NMEA 2000 a range of specific instruments, and so combine their data with other NMEA 2000 instruments already present on the network. This can be particularly useful, in an installation mixing both protocols, to facilitate data transfers in iNavX. Read more …

NMEA data 2000, a network standard for the future

nmea2000NMEA 2000® (¹) is a standard for electronic communication network specifically designed for pleasure boats, according to an industry standard published by the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA data). It aims to meet many needs, arising from the considerable increase of electronic devices onboard, the spread of computers and MFDs (²) with control and navigation application more sophisticated. It also aims to interconnect equipment provided by various manufacturers and brands, allowing boat builders and end users great freedom in their choice of navigational instruments. Read more …

Miniplex-2Wi, the new WiFi multiplexer for iPad and iPhone

miniplex-2wiCompany ShipModul website just presented on its website its new WiFi multiplexer, Miniplex-2Wi. This device comes in direct competition of’Brookhouse iMux, on which I wrote several posts on this blog, but penalized since early 2011 by delivery prohibitive for France.

The Miniples-2Wi only regards boats owners with NMEA 0183 and/or RAYMARINE SeaTalk instruments. For boats with NMEA 2000, network, refer to the excellent SeaSmart WiFi recently presented on this blog.

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Seasmart WiFi connects the NMEA 2000 on your iPhone

SeaSmart WiFiThe SeaSmart WiFi, presented by at the Nautic in Paris last week, allows a WiFi connection to iPad , iPhone or any other computer via WiFi to a NMEA 2000.

Designed by Chetco Digital Instruments, Brookings, Oregon (USA), SeaSmart is a wireless transmitter NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 compatible consists of an USB/serial gateway, WiFi transmitter 802.11 b/g and an embedded CGI/AJAX web server. Compatible with web browsers on most smartphones, like iPhone, iPad or Android, SeaSmart.Net translates NMEA 2000 (PGNs) messages through an open protocol in HTML pages updated in real time and sent streaming to web server. The transfer is bi-directional. In addition, NMEA 0183 connector allows to interface instruments that use this protocol, as an AIS, their data being multiplexed and added to the flow of data powered by Read more …