Training onboard with ACM Catamaran [2021]

Despite the uncertainties associated with the pandemic, we can hope to be able to resume nautical training. In any case, this is the positive will displayed by my partner ACM Catamaran. In 2021 the formations Weather4D are therefore renewed and scheduled. I will supervise these training sessions " Navigate with Weather4D Routing & Navigation with iPad »In onboard weekend on one of the cruising school catamarans departing from the base ofHyères – The Gapeau. From 3 up to 6 people in a private cabin for these intensive training courses which have been very successful for several years.

The Calendar 2021. is available and registrations open for april, May and October. Read more …

Routing : from reality to game (episode 3)

While, this morning of the 9th day, Hugo Boss at the top of the Vendée globe 2020 finishes crossing the "Doldrums" at a slow trot(¹), followed by the fleet of competitors stretching out behind him to the north of the Cape Verde Islands, it's a whole different score that the game leaders play Virtual Regatta.

Alex Thomson a franchi en tête le Pot au Noir. Cap sur le routage le plus logique ce matin du 18 novembre.

Alex Thomson topped the Doldrums. Head for 197 ° on the most logical routing this morning of 18 November.

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Routing : from game to reality (continue)

Friday 13 November will not be a lucky day for the Vendée Globe skippers 2020 (¹). They will have to negotiate the meeting with the tropical storm "Theta" which crosses their course with average winds which can reach the 40 knots and strong gusts. Especially the sea will be to fear because, strongly crossed when passing the low pressure center, the waves may exceed the 6 meters and surge chaotically. Read more …

Routing : from game to reality

On the second day of racing in this Vendée Globe 2020, we can say that the weather conditions that the skippers will experience on the descent to the Doldrums will be particularly tough. After a departure by a young lady, a first not very active cold front which passed without a hitch, the loners will cross a second much more violent front in the night and morning from Tuesday to Wednesday, for the group going to the West, and in the evening for the group spent between the DST (¹) la France.

But these conditions to come are quite different for Virtual Regatta players andfor sailors… Read more …

Weather4D embarks on the Vendée Globe 2020 [Break News]

No, This is not a joke ! Weather4D embark with SailGrib on the Vendée Globe 2020 with Virtual Regatta. The two friends Henri and Olivier have jointly developed a routing module directly integrated into the game.

Philippe Guigné, the creator of the online game Virtual Regatta, explains in an interview with Voiles & Voiliers :

"… we want the virtual Vendée Globe to be aimed at the general public and it is therefore logical that we help neophytes by providing new tools. So, for this edition we are offering a routing assistance system, directly integrated into the game, in partnership with SailGrib and Weather4D. These routings will first be simplified so that everyone can use them. In a second time, we will set up more elaborate routings that will allow us to determine long-term strategies…"

A new evolution for the two leaders in navigation applications, weather and routing on mobile devices, which should allow them to popularize their applications to a large audience, and perhaps spark vocations among the large number of players who have never been on the water before.


VMG / VMC – for Dummies

Navigation applications are full of acronyms. This coded and cryptic language was originally developed for electronic navigation instruments, GPS mapping and other chartplotters. These acronyms, in the form of three letters most often, are the contraction of terms defining specific navigation data and according functions. This facilitates on-screen display taking few space. While some of these acronyms are relatively well assimilated by the boater, as SOG for Speed ​​Over Ground (SOG), you can quickly access subtleties that are not always mastered as COG for Course Over Ground, meaning "route runned on the ground", that the word "Course" in English can mean "Route" or "Heading" according to the context. Read more …

Weather4D 2.0 revisits navigation on iPad [Update]

Weather4D 2.0 is available Apple AppStore (*). After the success of the first two versions, APP4NAV company just revisit chart navigation on iPad and iPhone by integrating the timing dimension. With simulations and weather routing, navigation becomes predictive, allowing a constant anticipation of future weather conditions and sea state. This "navigation in the future", relied on the quality of meteorological and oceanographic predictions today available, was designed in order to bring a new dimension to the safety of boaters. Read more …