Miniplex-3Wi-N2K Firmware Update 2.0

ShipModul just completed a major upgrade V.2.0.6 of MiniPlex-3 firmware. Once installed in the MiniPlex-3-N2K, it becomes a certified product NMEA2000®. To perform this update, it is imperative to download and install the new version of the utility MPX-Config3 V.2.4.1 (¹). the firmware update is integrated into the utility package. Read more …

Miniplex-3Wi-N2K : Major updates

ShipModul manufacturer comes to provide on its web site two major updates to dowload for its multiplexer Miniplex-3 :

  • Firmware Miniplex-3 V.1.17
  • Firmware Wireless V.1.4

Two update files, featured with a procedure (in English), are packaged in a single folder WiFi V1.4.0.0. Download. The implementation can be done with the configuration utility MPX-Config V.2.1.0 minimum, available in PC and Mac versions. Read more …

Connect instrument to an iPad with SEAMate 1A Lite WiFi

Seamate 1A LiteIn the spring 2008, company Mølgaard Marine House has developed one of the first WiFi multiplexers for pleasure in order to connect navigation equipment and AIS to onboard computer. If this product is still available today, however, it is surpassed by several recent products, already mentioned in this blog (¹), more efficient and cheaper.

Nevertheless, for holders of this unit, it is possible to configure iNavX to receive NMEA data transmitted. Richard Ray just give us a tutorial that will soon be added to iNavX Help (²). Read more …

iNavX and SiiTech AIS server

siitechiNavX allows connection, since version 3.1.7 from 11 October 2010, to the data server AIS SiiTech I mentioned in a previous post (¹). The benefit of this remains questionable in France because of the low coverage of our coasts. This may change.

Indeed, the number of SiiTech ground stations is increasing, the Channel coast are now well covered, and the Atlantic coast should be progressively equipped (²).

In addition, version 3.2.4 of iNavX comes with an improvement that makes a revival of interest for this feature : it is now available to select the origin point of AIS data from SiiTech server, the position of the ship (that of the iPhone / iPad used), or a previously created waypoint. The reception range is about 30 nautical miles from the place of origin, This greatly increases the coverage of AIS data reception.

Read more …

A test onboard with Navigation Mac

During a weekend of January a little sad, we joined the port of L'Herbaudière, Isle of Noirmoutier, via the picturesque Gois passage at low tide.

We, that is to say, a boating journalist, my wife and myself.

Welcomed by two "natives" from the country, Henry and Jean-Etienne. The latter giving us a superb Oceanis 347 for the first test board, in France, navigation applications on a Mac, iPad and iPhone. A big first, somehow. Read more …

MacENC, iNavX and TCP / IP

In spite of’iNavX online Help and some tutorials about this subject, a lot of requests received and complexity of subject imposed on me a quick explanation.

The TCP/IP protocol

TCP/IP means "Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol" and is pronounced "T-C-P-I-P".

TCP/IP is a communication protocol, built with a bunch of standardized rules on Internet communication and based on technics of providing a unique IP address at each network computer in order to route packets of data.

This protocol is built-in MacENC and iNavX to allow live transmit of NMEA data from marine instruments connected to the Mac. Read more …