iNavX and C-Map downloaded, unavailable !

Things are really not going well for iNavX. Just replaced Navionics cartography by C-Map worldwide with online subscription access (¹), the expected addition of an essential download function turns out to be almost unusable…

To download a chart area, you must select a square by zooming out to the downloadable size limit. By the way, once downloaded, you are informed that the download expires after 365 days. Mandatory renewal of the subscription.

The size limit of an area is quickly reached : 1365 tiles either 146 MB maximum. We can already say that the coverage from La Rochelle to Saint-Malo will take time, as long as the speed is quite slow. But the worst is yet to come…

Downloaded areas do not add to each other ! No charts continuity, it must be changed each time the boat leaves a chart to enter another one. Absurd !

This function is perfectly un-us-a-ble. We will have to be satisfied with the online chart, with good cell connection, while waiting for the development team to correct the function. There is something to be done before iNavX disappears into oblivion.

Apart from NOAA maps for the USA and CHS maps for Canada, no more maps for Europe except the German maps of Delius Klasing.

(¹Bad weather for iNavX [Update]


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  1. Francis, Do you mean that charts over the Baltic are available via Navionics Boating? "For 31 € you have Navioncs Boating and the whole of Europe. "

    1. Unfortunately, not included in Central & West Europe! Baltic Sea is a unique region at 39.99€. Because Sweden official charts yearly licences are very expansive for 3d parties.

  2. I downloaded the C-MAP app whose operation is identical to that described by Francis. It's long and especially offline it doesn't always work. The maintenance service is very bad when we expose a problem the answers are apparently automated and are wrong.
    Currently sailing in the Caribbean I chose W4D and Boating from Navionics, praying that W4D will not be bought out by a pension fund…

  3. There is another alternative: TZiboat from Nobeltec with all the connection functions we know from iNavX and W4D. It also offers different weather models. The program has been extensively developed further from its start a few years ago. I have been using it during the last two years in Scandinavia where I do not get charts from Geogarage. The chart catalogue also has been enlarged recently. But it does not provide routing.
    So I am looking forward to use W4D next season cruising to France and Great Britain.

  4. A download takes between 2 and 4 hours and you often have to start over 2 to 3 time. I sailed in October between the Canaries and Mardere, the iNavX app closes often. Strongly a new solution. Thank you Francis for informing us.

  5. Thank you Francis for your conclusion. I also came to the same conclusion about a moth ago when it was first announced by iNavX with a special price. On further inquiry to the support team I quickly realized it was impossible to use in the real world. No one except the ultra wealthy have the bandwidth to install new charts in remote places. Too bad for iNavX, too bad iPad users. Thank God for OpenCpn. It’s not on iPad but is readily available on all other platforms, and more charts to come soon.

  6. Changing the mapping application comes down to 1 click to the store… Bye bye iNavX, there are plenty of other choices.
    Learning a new application certainly requires some effort, but far from being insurmountable. We are really in the air of the disposable. When to buy back mapping, for most of us, one year subscription for less than the price of a full tank of gas…

  7. All this is very sad because Inavx remained a useful application with Navionics charts when GEOGARAGE does not offer detailed cartography in its catalog. (i.e. : Suede – Baltic)
    Now that Navionics maps are no longer accessible via Inavx and that the maps offered are unusable to turn to when W4D and the Geogarage map does not exist ???
    Francis if you have a lasting solution to suggest we will surely be several interested.

    1. It's very simple : for 31 € you have Navioncs Boating and the whole of Europe. I use it in duplicate of Weather4D for landings where SHOM and UKHO lack detail. I only regret that the SplitView function is not supported to parallel W4D.

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