8 Replies to “iOS 5 will not be able to delete your Navionics charts in iNavX”

  1. hello,

    I feel that if I want to surf in Brittany, I have to go through the purchase of US iNavX with cards and then redeem the cards to end Britain is something like 40 EUR + 70$ Fugawi's website… can be cheaper ?

    Thank you in advance,


    1. iNavX = 40 € + Navionics 46XG = 53 € during the day.
      If you want cheaper, buy Navionics Marine:Europe HD sur iTunes AppStore = 50€. But first take a look at my comparative.

    2. I read quickly the comparison but I had not really taken into account since the date (more than 1 year).. but I'm going to throw back a look of sudden.

      Thank you for your help !

  2. I just installed this version more secure. Over time the little things are improving such as check boxes to choose his path.
    A list of waypoints by clicking on AWP is a good thing, shame we can not click to open the WP dedicated.
    There are sometimes obvious things (together in the same place as the filter and the Red Night Vision) which are lagging.
    But this navigation tool is really TOP !

  3. Est Ca, since yesterday, version 3.5.1 of iNavX is available on the AppStore, and leads at the same time the security that our cards will not be erased by iOS5.
    Now we can have another glass of our iDevices without fear for our precious cards.

  4. Thank you Francis for this important update. I wish we could have had this update three months ago but c’est la vie.

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