iOS 8.4 Fix bug GPS Bluetooth

Expected for a long time. In fact since the release of iOS 8.3 that included a bug preventing the Bluetooth GPS to provide position applications (iNavX and Co).

Apple today announced, between other corrections :

Other improvements and bug fixes
• Fixed an issue that prevented GPS accessories from providing location data

iTabNav confirms me that its tests with the GNS 2000 and the BadElf are positive. Alleluia !


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  1. Thank you for these tips. I read your articles on all these elements.

    One last question, What model of GPS would you advise ? There are galore now, and I thought to take the gns 2000.

  2. Hello Francis,

    First of all congratulations for this blog it is very useful and comprehensive ! It is in the Favorites now !

    Here, I leave in two weeks for a getaway on a catamaran during 3 weeks, and I'm looking for a solution to be able to navigate with my ipad without a computer. I have a Mini Wifi iPad, et je me demandais si un GPS Bluetooth était la solution adéquate et si cela fonctionnait également « Hors Côtes » dans le cadre d’une traversée Montpellier-Baléares.

    So I had the idea to make the acquisition of a Bluetooth GPS, mapping software type iNAVX and thus be able to not use my iPad for a navigation full (route, detailed mapping, weather data, position in time real and scalable boat etc…) off-grid (Packages 4G take an at each output it is no longer possible!). Is this sufficient ? AIS - I omitted an essential element ?

    Thanks in advance for your advice !! 🙂

    1. This of course is a fully functional solution. I think me be widely expressed on the subject throughout this blog. Here you will find all necessary info. About iNavX, before installation and purchase of the cards on the site x-traverse, je vous conseille vivement de vous procurer mon tutoriel « Navigate with iNavX " , This will prevent you from disappointments. You can also simply opt for Navionics Boating if you surf not often.

  3. We have the navionics card and the gns2000. Therefore impossible to navigate with GPS indicating our position. When will we have the privilege of having the version 8.4?????

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