iPad , cases and mounts for yachting[Update]

In my first entry about the iPad used as a chart-plotter, I mentioned two or three essential accessories to handle on board. The mounting remained unresolved, few products was then available.

On board a boat, sailing as motor, the mount must meet several essential requirements :

  • A robust fixation, the test vessel motions can be violent in the bad weather. The iPad should absolutely not be able to win its support.
  • One possible direction in both portrait and landscape with locking position.
  • Fixation the smallest footprint possible for small boats : charts table increasingly reduced, deck-house cluttered with instruments, etc.
  • Ability to move easily iPad.

I leave aside for the moment the question of waterproof that, to date, is fully resolved only by heavy and bulky boxes (OtterBox, Andres). Some mounts seem suited to yachting, followed by a "home" installation by experienced handymen. This may give you some ideas…

[Update 28/01/2013]

1 – Accessories for sale

iKlip pour iPad 1 and 2

Originally designed for musicians by the Italian company IK Multimedia, iKlip binds tubes, whatever their orientation and diameter, maintained by a wheel clamp. iKlip is made from a rugged thermoplastic and weighs 240 grams.


A multi-directional support for pipe mounting

Here's comments from Jean, musician-mariner :

"The diameter of the desks corresponds to that of the balconies. The mounting tube can be adjusted to different diameters. The claws are for mounting the iPad by locking on three sides. You certainly can switch from vertical to horizontal. Tilting it is blocked permanently, This was never the case on different media seen on the net. It is a plastic that looks very solid and not risk the marine corrosion. We can consider providing a dedicated mount in a place sheltered from the spray to protect the iPad. "

You can find this support in France in many music stores, resellers of branded products, for approximately 30/35 €.

The Wallee

This wall mount rotary, designed and manufactured in Australia, is intended to be attached to a wall. The principle of the protective case attached to the iPad is safe. It offers the possibility of installing wall mounts in several locations, and thus move the iPad, example from chart table to flybridge. This rotary mount, X-shaped, continues the iPad to 2cm of the wall, promoting its ventilation, and locks in portrait or landscape. It should be noted that the metal disk part to be mounted is stainless steel.


Details of the mounting bracket Wallee

The hull developed in a slightly rubberized plastic seems sturdy and fits perfectly on the iPad. Available in several colors. The iPad 2 and later (compatible with the Smart Cover) is available. Buy online at : the kit is Wallee $39,95 (ca. 30 €) and support additional $10 (ca. 7,50 €).

Vogel’s Wall Mount Holder et

On the same principle as the previous support, German Vogel’s provides a protective case to fit to multiple media : Wall, table or car. It is of course the wall mount we are interested here.

The protective case is the subject of a design and a plastic coating on extremely smooth cared. The wall mount, just as a design aesthetic, held by two screws. Just a pressure clip for the iPad provided with its support. It can then rotate 360 °. Remains whether it is maintained properly in portrait or landscape when the vessel motions are violent. Two models are proposed for iPad 2/3/4.

vogel's basecover et mount

Note that the iPad may be returned in the case to protect the screen during transport. Crafty !

German legendary quality manufacturing has unfortunately a high cost : we find the shell kit + supporting resellers at a price of 50 € inc VAT about. The wall bracket Wall Mount Additional is less 35 € inc VAT.

modulR Case & Cover + Slim mount

Here is a support recently discovered on a video Tom MacNeil I urge you to watch (*).

modulR, company based in Louisville, Kentucky, also designed a case to clip onto a slim mount, fitted with a protective cover.

Asked about the product, Tom said to me :

« I really like the case and mount.
Very solid and good quality »
Needless to translate, and we can trust him !
tom mac neil

By courtesy of © Tom MacNeil

tom macneil

By courtesy of © Tom MacNeil

The good idea is to have provided a protective cover can be clipped to the screen. The bad idea is that the slim is not rotating. Must choose an installation in portrait or landscape, irreversible.

The shell and cover for iPad 1 sold $30, the hull and a handgrip for iPad 2 $40, and wall bracket Utility Mount $15, purchase online at the manufacturer's website, not yet available in France.

modulR details

2 – The DIY enthusiasts

Our friend Henry, we had received during a recent visit in Noirmoutier, sent me pictures of his installation on board the First 29. This illustrates the criteria listed in the introduction to this post, namely multiple locations and one, or more, robust bindings. The simple solutions probably outweighs aesthetics, but for a skipper whose practice is essentially the regatta, the result is the height requirements.
système descente

Reading dual position in companion way

système descente

The pintle mount

A pintle and some welds, and voila. The idea of a support rotating on an axis to have an instrument with a tilting view from inside the boat that since from the tiller is not new. It had been conducted, in years 70, on a small sailboat (Golif ? Ecume de Mer ? I do not remember) the echo sounder Seafarer, a revolution in the electronic era ! The former certainly will remember…

As usual, the subject remains open. Just take care that the iPad, as with all our modern gadgets, is called to be renewed at least once a year, certainly with a modified design, and therefore not fit accessories that are designed today to units of tomorrow. This is the progress it seems, Trade certainly.

(*) Even if you do not understand English, the images speak for themselves. We must go to the end to see the media installed :



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