Iridium GO! finally corrects its shortcomings [Update]

Iridium has just published an update of its Iridium GO device firmware! to correct a number of dysfunctions, including the slowness of data transfers (Messaging, GRIB files, aso.) but also recurrent problems of voice connection with the network.

The new firmware 1.4.1 and implementation instructions are available on This dedicated page.

In the same time, both applications have been updated :

  • Iridium GO! (iOS, Android) version 1.3.6 the 16 July
  • Iridium Mail&Web (iOS, Android) version 1.0.15 the 28 July

It is strongly recommended to the owners of this device to proceed all of these updates. It remains only to perform new tests in situ to verify if the flows data returned at the level of the portable Iridium

[Update] Tests will be carried out in crossing the Atlantic between mid-September and mid-October, I will not fail to disseminate the results