Future iNavX 3.0 for iPhone and iPad

Richard Ray has published, Forum posts macsailing.net forum, screenshots of the upcoming version of iNavX. I can not resist the urge to provide a copy :


iNavX 3.0 viewed on iPad

And to reveal the new features (temporary) This future version :

Features exclusive iPad

  • Support of iPad screen resolution.
  • Support of portrait/landscape rotation.
  • In the "Maps", a disclosure button displays a banner with compass view when the position is fixed, and a second banner with realtime instruments data, if connected. In this banner, a button «i»nformation can choose what data display, these may differ from those displayed in the view "instruments" and selected by the "Settings" button.

Common Features iPhone / iPad

  • Select a data field in the "Instruments" view opens full screen (iPhone) or maximized window (iPad ) its value realtime.
  • Select the disclosure button in the list of routes will scroll to on the chart.
  • Select the disclosure button in the list of tracks will scroll to track.
  • New setting "Size ship icon" in the map settings allows you to adjust the size of the vessel icon.
  • The loss of NMEA TCP / IP displays an alert and an audible warning. This alarm can be disabled in the menu "Settings" General iNavX.
  • Buttons [+] and [-] on Navionics charts to zoom in and zoom out.
  • Added several regions of the new edition 2010 Navionics charts (*).

Instrument data display in real time is a good improvement for both media (full-screen display on iPhone is already present, but static). I recall that this update is free for current iPhone owners iNavX, and it is sufficient to synchronize the iPad on iTunes to download the application.

Following, August Hahn working on the new version of its iPad application tide calculations should take the name AyTides XL. Optimized, of course, completely redesigned user interface and receiving the size of the screen.


In the near future, it is likely that these two applications, working together, take advantage of the multitasking capabilities of the future OS 4.0 recently introduced by Apple. Perhaps a better link the two apps, who knows, a display of current vectors on charts. But here is only my own conjecture.


(*) Navionics charts for iNavX on iPad, downloaded from the x-traverse.com website like the iPhone, will be a new format and a different pricing, probably higher. Charts regions purchased for iNavX iPhone can not be used (synchronized) with iPad. At present the terms and pricing are still under discussion between Fugawi and Navionics, and the X-Traverse website is not yet updated.