Protections for iPad (4)

I've already written the greatest good that I think about waterproof cases"aiShell by Andres Industrie for iPad(¹). It remains for me the top of the protection in all weather conditions, at sea and ashore. Bulky and quite expensive, certainly, but added to the cost of an iPad will always remain 3 to 5 times cheaper than a chartplotter for navigation, therefore useless for anything else. iPad, itself, continue to serve you home, and prepare future trips.

I can not resist the urge to spread this video by Dominique Gauthier during our trip to the Balearic this summer. For iPadNav not only sell accessories, he tests it ! Used as test our many tablets taken on board for three weeks cruise, No worry !

(¹) Protections for iPad (2).
The aiShell waterproof case for iPad Mini


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    1. Not at sea, but at the Paris Salon, my own iPad was immersed a hundred times in the aquarium stand. Freedom.
      But : no protection of the front panel, does not float, not sealed feeder. I was impressed by the quality of manufacturing, but I fear that the system of locking clips of the two half-shells with each other not long resist many manipulations. I prefer to trust my investment almost indestructible case and especially floating.

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