Tutorial "Navigate with iNavX 5.0 " : Update V.3.0

Total release of the tutorial : illustrations update, replacement of 14 videos with the new interface, text update.

  • 45 double-pages
  • 76 screenshots
  • 14 videos

A comprehensive multimedia iBook guide about iNavX use : basic functions, advanced functions, instruments connection.

From purchasing and loading charts to TCP/IP connection, a step by step teaching helps you master all the functions of the application. Free preview allows you to see all of the topics summary.

Compatible with the application iBooks Apple iPad / iPhone and MacOS 10.9 and later. Available in 51 iBook Stores the price of 9,99 €. Free updates with major new features coming up.


8 Replies to "Tutorial « Navigate with iNavX 5.0 " : Update V.3.0”

  1. Thank you Francis, always essential !
    Can you tell me how the book place is mentioned issue (and / or dates) the version ?
    Indeed, I alternately use a Mac, an iPad and an iPhone to read, I wonder if the book I read is the latest version. Thank you

    1. Nowhere ! On the iBook Store you can see that the date of publication, not the version number. I was never in my account… But as long as you don't see an update appear in the "Purchase" tab, you have the latest version.

  2. Hello Francis,
    I just did the update. Little problem: the videos are not displayed. What to do to make them reappear ?
    Thank you. Daniel V.

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