Navimail, the announced end

The old application of weather-France, Navimail2, which the last updated date of November 2010 (¹), shortly before that its developer, the friendly Patrick Lay, his retirement, will disappear.

Weather-France announced on its website :

Weather-France is currently working on the development of a new product in replacement of NAVIMAIL service. Accordingly, Navimail, already incompatible with some newer operating systems, should no longer evolve. The supply of the software Navimail and its technical support will be interrupted from September 1 2017.
Access to the data will be possible until the end of the year 2017.

Designed originally for the professional Navy application, I am not sure that many boaters have used it. The acquisition cost of the inexplicably high GRIB files.

The nostalgic will be able to await the arrival of a new product. But today much more efficient and user-friendly solutions are available on mobile devices, as Weather4D 2.0 under iOS or Android SailGrib, able to recover files by satellite or cellular connection (²).

(¹) Navimail 2.1.3, Update for the "Nautic"
(²) Iridium GO! A positive feedback