Navionics new offer on AppStore

The 23 December, Navionics has posted on the AppStore new charting apps for iPhone and iPad. This offer fully replaces the previous, without the possibility of updating.

The new version is now numbered 1.0 and is to buy for all customers, including owners of previous versions. In return, it reduces the number of apps because areas coverage are significantly enlarged.

For example, the messaging app Marine:Europe includes all of Western Europe, from Norway to the Azores and the Mediterranean to the Caspian Sea (but the British Isles).

Among the most striking novelties :

  • The integration of’User Generated Content I talk about recently (*)
  • The wind forecasts (Version 1.1, not specify their provenance)

Regarding prices, changes are contrasted : Europe benefits from a significant decrease in the version for iPhone from 20 to 10 EUR, and ipad HD version from 35 to 30 EUR. Our british friends are not spoiled, with an application covering the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the Channel, to 20 euros for iPhone and 55 euros for iPad ! Damned !

So iNavX ?

Expected on the site X-Traverse, the Navionics charting reseller for GPSNavX, MacENC and iNavX (among others) a significant update of the offer, probably aligned with that of the AppStore. I do not mean they will have the same prices, of course not, but the prices will be changed and especially the coverage will change for expanded areas. For my own opinion, should therefore wait before buying a new Navionics cartography on X-Traverse.

I expect to know the detailed featuress of these new apps to make a comparison updated with the latest versions of iNavX, in the course of next January.

(*) Navionics Mobile and Community Sharing

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5 Replies to “New Navionics offer on AppStore”

  1. Read this post .. we come to understand that we must wait a bit before breaking the bank for cards / gold / via x-cross ..
    a month is spent .. tell us ????
    there will be tariff change ?? or I am commanded 46 as provided for MacENC ??
    Wait a few?

    thank you

    1. I have not yet, to date, no information about future changes. Those who need mapping now should not hesitate. But if it is not urgent, better to wait for not regret it later.

  2. Hello Francis,

    Thank you for the info, I asked why and how.
    What I do not understand, is that switching from one application to Western Europe and now weighed 183 MB 14.3 MB for all of Europe, while coverage is greater.
    The cards are they downloadable?
    Version iPad 1.0 while the iPhone version is 1.1 and it integrates the forecasting of wind, and visibly, yet iPad.

    Happy Holidays New Year to all sailors.

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