Prendre la météo par téléphone satellite [2021]

Following the tutorial " Introduction to Marine Weather " , the new tutorial " Prendre la météo par téléphone satellite "Just uploaded to the iBook Store.

A complete reworking of the originally published book in 2014, new layout, clearer and more readable in portrait mode, ful revision of the text, video update and illustrations.


How to get a weather forecast on the high seas ? How to request GRIB weather files ? How to get graphical weather maps ? Means available by satellite telephony, affordable for boaters, from a Mac, an iPad or an iPhone, are detailed.

This book explains the implementation and how to proceed to obtain the best results. The main devices are described, their characteristics, discounted costs, prepaid plans and subscriptions are discussed. The description, how to set up and use the necessary applications is a step-by-step guide with numerous screenshots.

A practical tutorial for owners of an Apple on-board computer, an iPad or iPhone.

  • 85 pages
  • 64 screenshots and illustrations
  • 1 video

This publication replaces the previous one.(*)

(*) Publishers are now required to design books with Apple Pages (replacing iBooks Author discontinued) and it is not possible to publish with Pages an update to a book originally designed with iBooks Author. This is therefore a new purchase.



5 Replies to “Taking the weather forecast by satellite phone [2021]”

  1. Francis. Just perfect for me, as I am thinking about getting an Iridium Go for a transatlantic crossing later this year. In other crossings I have done I’ve had an Iridium phone and a Redbox. As you said an optimiser is essential with a MacBook but this time I’ll be using an iPad and iPhone and the Go seems ideal. Nice clear instructions in your book. Thanks. Martin

  2. Thanks Francis. I see the English version has been released. Just going to get my copy. Best wishes. Martin

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