Survey : which application for which navigation ? [Results]

For this 300th blog Navigation Mac entry (Eh, yes, time flies !), I invite you to a survey to find out what charting application is the most used according to the type of practiced navigation. From daily trip to ocean crossing, the need is not the same and this should necessarily guide the choice of the navigation application. But it has yet to prove. Of course we speak here only Apple iOS on iPhone and iPad applications.

After two weeks and 260 answers, here are the results.

• Preamble

The market of yachting in short

Knowing that only 20% recreational vessels registered in France are sailing ships, and that nearly half of those are less than 6 meters, only 8 motor boats on 10 are also less than 6 meters (¹), It is logical to think that the vast majority of registered ships is little concerned by this blog. This may explain, in part, the small part of respondents to this survey (12%) for exclusively dayly coastal navigation, mostly practised on sailboats and powerboats registered less than 6 meters.

The practice of boaters

A study conducted in 2008 by GMV Council (²) practices from 800 boaters, only boats more than 6 meters, It is clear that :

“Behind the term“ pleasure ”hides a diversity of practices. These different modes of practice combine and are not mutually exclusive : one of the important characteristics of boaters being to be multi-practical. "

This trend in 2008 was certainly confirmed, even amplified so far, especially among younger generations.

Among these practices, 60% boaters are on sailing boats opposit 40% on motorboats. These figures correspond roughly to the registered park, boats being 80% under 6 meters, actually not falling in this investigation on practices . However it is clear that 53% boaters navigating to the day. Once again, If it eliminates the proportion of motor boats which are used predominantly for the day, found about the survey figures.

• Analysis of the survey

I would remind you that this survey relates only to applications for tablets and smartphones. This survey received 260 responses in two weeks. It is little in absolute terms, in proportion to the potential number of active boaters (³), but significant regarding the "population" of boaters attending this blog.

Navigation areas

Often there were multiple answers to this question. I have however kept for each questionnaire practiced distance farthest, more reliably determines the, or more, application(s) chosen(s).
It is clear that offshore navigation is majority, and strictly coastal navigation little represented on this blog.

Distribution of applications

Here again there are multiple answers, and the sum of the percentages is always greater than 100.

The predominance of iNavX is obvious, and even on par with Navionics HD in coastal navigation, what is surprising. Weather4D 2.0 has taken an important place on the tablets in few time, especially in the high seas. iSailor is still far from catching up iNavX.

However, When you know the sales figures provided by Navionics for its applications, It can be assumed that the largest share is sold to powerboating, its main target, whose followers are almost absent from this blog.

Number of applications used

Almost half of the boaters uses more than one application. This proves the trend to wear 'belt and braces '., for safety to have a choice between two different and/or additional charts. This is also explained by the relative low cost of applications and charts on tablets and smartphones.

(³) It is estimated the number of active boaters 2,1 million in 2015 (4% of French population + 15 years)


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  1. And why I answered this question Francis, you know my point of view … SEAIq … By far, and you beautiful tell, my last crew, a pro, I speak you, has tried and adopted immediately … Obviously, associated with the irreplaceable W4D, but we are not talking about navigation, We are talking about weather, Routing etc … Obviously, I have no doubt that Olivier will lay us a superb nav app, but for now SEAIq.

  2. Pourquoi ne pas avoir mis opencpn dans la liste, très complet, gère les gribs, les marées et l’ais en prime … et fonctionne sur mac, pc et linux ?

  3. INAVX for now, in transition on Weather4D 2.0. As many comments, better management of the tiles would be safe. I control the tiles loaded before departure (activation of airplane mode, and the desired navigation area golf course).

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