Testimony : Transquadra and Navigation Mac

BluestairsAfter Jean Debèze, avid supporter of Navigation Mac, made me the pleasure of a detailed tutorial about installing a multiplexer aboard his sailboat, here's a ticket by Jacques Vermeulen, reflecting very didactic experience during the recent Transquadra, on board " Bluestairs ", with the owner and friend Marc Bolla.

Placed at the Transquadra 2011/2012, we met, at the first stage of the Mediterranean Barcelona-Porto Santo (Madeira), problems receiving and sending data and GRIB files via the Iridium network. Email was impossible to use with the Iridium Airtime cards we used. Do we remained as the ability to call with the Iridium.

Back after this first stage, I decided to deepen the subject and educate myself with Francis Fustier whom I had knowledge, hitherto, through his blog, really comprehensive. Read more …

When Katia meets La Louise

Thierry Dubois and his crew, whose Jacques Vermeulen experimenting its Iridium connection with its new MacBook Air, should not laugh at a time when I post this short note.

La Louise, conveying from Newfoundland to La Trinité, is in the making up of Hurricane Katia, ex-tropical cyclone, which must reach the shores of the British Isles the next night. According to the latest position and the estimated speed, La Louise should be in the west of the weather area "Romeo", either in the southeast of the center of the Low, its intended position on the Navimail map below the location of the red boat at 18h UTC : Read more …