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Up to version 1.1.10, Weather4VR offered 3 routing options : Fast, Normal, Precise (the last two with subscription). With version 1.1.11, the option Precise is replaced by the option Expert. This function allows extremely fine tuning for experienced gamers.


One tap on Expert option opens Routing settings popup window offering the following options :

  • Angle range (Search angle) : from 90° up to 260° by 10° steps. This is the opening angle of the research area in which isochrones will develop. Default 180°. The selected angle must take into account the geographical environment of the direct route to the waypoint (position of the coast bordering the route). Too much open, the angle can cause divergent routes.
  • Angle step (Angular step) : angle steps within the range of search angle, from 1° up to 5°. This is the calculation angle from each point selected on each isochrone. With a search angle 180° and an angular step 3°, 60 routes will be calculated from each selected point on each isochronous. The smaller the angle, the more computing power is needed.
  • Isochronous steps according to 3 calculation time ranges. This is the simulation step. The more it is reduced, the greater the precision, but the longer the calculation. Beyond 48 hours, the reliability of the weather forecast decreasing, the adoption of a reduced step becomes less relevant :
    • Up to 12 hour stepss : step 10 mn, 30 mn, 1 h.
    • From 12 to 48 hours : step 1 h, 3 h, 6h.
    • Beyond 48 hours : step 1 h, 3 h, 6 h.
  • Intermediate points calculation : for each duration range, with 0 to 6 intermediate points allow the wind to be averaged between two isochrones. This is especially interesting in Wind Mode to follow the minimal variations in orientation that can occur between two isochrones.
  • Wind Mode. This is the "keep pace" mode when the lock is activated in Virtual Regatta, the heading keeps the angle with the wind :
    • Never : no activation of this mode in routing programmation. (¹)
    • VMG Max : activation respecting the VMG Max of the polar. (²)
    • Always : activate wind mode for all programming points.
    • Only 12 early hours : enabled or not.

The default settings of Expert mode correspond approximately to the Precise mode of the old version. The purpose of Expert mode is to provide an advanced routing adjustment tool, which will be particularly useful for seasoned gamers.

Reminder, Fast and Normal modes :

Do not forget, however, that routing is only a decision aid that must be part of a global strategy. This must be based on a good analysis of the long-term weather evolution, the follow-up of the competitors enabled by the routing of the boats followed in Weather4VR, and a great dose of intuition ! 

(¹) See article Heading management in Weather4VR
(²) See article VMG / VMC for dummies

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5 Replies to “Weather4VR – Expert routing”

  1. Great news!
    Is it also possible to leave the isochrones at the end of the routing calculation? (that would be erased after a tap) rather than erasing them immediately. Because more than the calculated final routing, it is the reading of isochrones that will inform us about the value of one option over another. A calculated routing can be successful for 3 hours or for 3 min. It's silly to change the option to 3 min.
    And then bravo for your Camivan race!

    1. Olivier Bouyssou answered this question on Weather4VR users FB group, I quote : "Regarding the routing algorithm I am not yet sure whether to adopt the current W4VR algorithm over W4D. On the other hand, the exclusion zones, penalties on maneuvers, etc, yes. Actually, I am currently working on the use of graphics processors for the routing calculation and this opens up new perspectives on the routing algorithms… "

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