Controlling a Windows PC from an iPad [Update]

(First published on 8 December 2010)

Dear Friends macusers, the approach of Christmas, we need to be charitable, particularly towards users of Windows PC. Indeed, before the influx of requests on how to control a Windows application from an iPad, not having provided a tutorial (*) for Mac users, I feel indebted to a small tutorial for windowsusers.

[Updated 22/08/2020]

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Control a Mac from an iPad [Update]

By creating a connection VNC (Virtual Network Computing) it is possible to control a navigation application like MacENC or OpenCPN from an iPad. This latter becomes an active screen repeater, and offers the possibility, not only to view the screen of a Mac (or PC), but also to control the software remotely with the touch screen. This is the solution adopted, the origin of the iPad, by several participants in the Figaro Race equipped with MaxSea or Adrena under Windows.

For Windows PC, I invite you to consult the dedicated article (¹). For Mac, the implementation is quite simple.

[Update 23/08/2020]

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