ADS-B transponders on future satellites Iridium NEXT

I mentioned in two previous posts, firstly the ADS-B system equivalent to the AIS for aerospace, other future satellite communications with the next constellation Iridium NEXT. Imagine the site NewScientist tells us, in a recent article dated 14 December, Iridium NEXT satellites that will load transmission devices ADS-B. Let me give you the following translation freely adapted.

These two technologies will revolutionize the communication associated air traffic in the next ten years. Read more …

ADS-B, aviator's AIS

As I have already written, in the word "aircraft" there is "water". It's not a coincidence. So much so that for many years the world of aviation develops a concept similar to the maritime AIS : ADS-B. I also would not be able to say which of the two is the first , it doesn't matter !

As the news about us is a little flat these days – normal in July – I am interested in aerial navigation by discovering an application for iPad, I speak a little lower.

ADS-B, Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast, which can be translated as "Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast by" generally based on the same principle as the AIS. Only the technical means differ. Read more …

Plan your air traffic… ULM

BASES-AEROIn the word "Aeronautics" there is "Nautical". This gives me a good reason to write about applications for private aviators. And I always dreamed of flying, but only had the opportunity to go paragliding for too short years.

I'll, for once, gain altitude to discuss a new application available from the iPad 11 March 2011 : BASES-AERO (HD).

Applications F-AERO, BASES BASES-AERO-ULM or iPhone and / or iPad, are intended for pilots VFR (light aircraft, ULM, helicopters) to enable them to consult and simulate navigation on all airfields and ULM bases. They should not be used as main aeronautical information for flight, let alone during a flight. Read more …