DataLinker and Sail Racer arrive us from Lithuania

SailRacer UAB is a small Lithuanian company founded in 2013 by a team of experienced developers and regatta passionate . They design solutions for the sailors and clubs, both software and devices, focusing on developing applications and essential accessories to the processing of navigation data for mobile devices and their operation through the Cloud. They provide an application specifically dedicated to the regatta, Sail Racer, and the first Bluetooth NMEA gateway in the market, DataLinker.

DataLinker, a Bluetooth NMEA gateway

The DataLinker allows to receive data from the instruments on a smartphone, a tablet or other compatible mobile device, thanks to the Bluetooth Smart technology (¹). You can use wind data, Compass, log, sounder and GPS with any dedicated application connected to the internet in Wi - Fi and so share this data via the Cloud.

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iPolar 2.0 and new Weather4D arrived

iPolar 2.0 comes with several improvements, which one expected from the origin : the ability to export the polar by mail. Done, and more export of polar (simple or multi-voiles) is done systematically in 3 file formats : CSV, TXT and POL. What reuse polar with any application on Mac, PC or other mobile devices.

The dream !

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iPolar generates speed polars for Weather4D PRO

iPolarYou dreamed of it since Weather4D Pro has featured its powerful routing module. He did !

Our Toulousian crazy developer, Olivier Bouyssou, just sent Apple a new app : iPolar.

Developed in collaboration with - and on behalf of - KND SailingPerformance, iPolar calculates polar performance of a yacht according to specific parameters, easy to identify : Read more …

Routing comes up in Weather4D PRO 1.3

Weather4D PROAfter several months of intensive development and testing, under the conditions mentioned in a previous post, Olivier Bouyssou propose to the date of Grand Pavois his latest release of Weather4D PRO 1.3.0. No additional cost, the routing module simply be added with the update !

Career as a software developer serving the technical engineering combined with a solid mathematical background (¹) allowed him to develop routing algorithms which have nothing to envy to the market leaders (²). Added to an interface that is unanimously, this new advanced feature that will appeal to both racers and cruisers, want to optimize their trips in the best conditions of safety and comfort. The new features will :

Routing :

  • Routing isochronous mixed (sail and motor).
  • Setting a percentage efficiency of polar.
  • Management of polar combined with multiple sails sets.
  • Refreshment of a route from actual location.
  • Importation of polar (CSV files) by the "Open in… ".
  • Export route calculated by mail and "Open in… ".
  • Conversion of the calculated route in route "normal" (export to iNavX).

GRIB files :

  • Request for fine grids files WRF by email (email, XGate, Iridium Mail) as for files GFS.

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