TZ iBoat V.3.0 launches its charting revolution

Nobeltec, Inc., subsidiary of MaxSea International, is a leading developer of PC marine navigation software and a supplier of electronic nautical navigation charts. This company is the official developer of TZ iBoat on Apple Store. After several weeks of beta-testing, version 3.0 has just gone online.

A revolution is taking place in the world of maritime cartography... Never seen before ! » TimeZero announcement.

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TimeZero makes its (mini-r)evolution on iOS

After 3 years without major changes (¹), TimeZero (now under Nobeltec brand) comes on iPad with a new name and a new logo. Doesn't it remind you anything ? A sense of déjà vu ?

TimeZero becomes TZ iBoat. No revolution in the UI, all functions already present in the update 2015 are in place (AIS support, Furuno DRS4W Radar support, current and tide gauges display, etc,). So what's new for this new name ? looking good… Read more …

The new TimeZero arrived

You remember the launch of TimeZero in June 2013 and the interest aroused among the many users of MaxSea on PC. I wrote then :

MaxSea is already planning future developments in its application. The next major release will probably see the connection to external instruments WiFi, file transfers (waypoints, routes and tracks files) with other applications, perhaps openness to other charting editors

We waited, hoped, and then Pschiiitt ! More no developments since that date other cosmetic improvements in November 2013 before the Paris boat show. More no contact for me with the developers (I was tester for beta versions). More no news for a year until reported rumors of the last METS of Amsterdam stating that integrating ongoing development (finally) the AIS, and also the WiFi radar DRS4W Furuno. It is now made from the 23 April. Read more …

MaxSea TimeZero on iPad

Announced for three months, the first version of TimeZero last few days is available for iPad. Under the brand Nobeltec, purchased by Signet S.A., MaxSea holding company (¹), this free application contains a simplified design suitable for the tablet technology that has made the reputation of the French publisher.

I was waiting with curiosity for a while the position taken by MaxSea about the iPad phenomenon. The least I can say is that I am not disappointed. Read more …