GRIB files and time zones

An incomprehensible malfunction occurred recently for a Weather4D user, sailing in a “lost hole” on the edge of the Indian Ocean, namely the Cocos Islands, challenged me to the point of getting lost in conjectures. A GFS file due ten days ago categorically refused to be displayed in the application with the dates, damn !

This unfortunate sailor - for which I would like to thank him - forced me to make a determined search for the cause of the problem.. After much procrastination, explorations of settings that may be faulty, since no other user had reported such a problem to us, the light finally came out ! Read more …

Reading : “With the Fairies” by Sylvain Tesson

With the Fairies

With the Fairies

This book is not a maritime novel ! And yet it is part of a “ sailing trip » of three months which takes the author from cape to cape along a long coastal strip from Galicia to the Shetland Islands.

Meditative journey, Tesson goes in search of his Fairies, which he describes as being “a quality of reality revealed by a disposition of the gaze”. Led by his companions on a sailboat 15 meters high, he will alternate the maritime stages while gaining towards the north, and hiking or cycling stops along selected promontories. Read more …

Weather4D R&N 2.0.92 -New charts update

As part of the gradual conversion of raster charts to vector charts ENC (¹) on the platform Geogarage, Weather4D Routing & Navigation now includes the following ENC catalogs :

  • Portugal (derived from the productions of the Portuguese Hydrographic Service – IH)
  • Poland (derived from the productions of the Polish Hydrographic Service – HOPN)
  • Australia (derived from the productions of the Australian Hydrographic Service – AHO)

These ENC catalogs are added to the previous ones already available (Spain, Croatia, Germany, Netherland). Others are under negotiation such as Greece and Sweden.

(¹) Geogarage to introduce ENC charts for Weather4D

Starlink goes from strength to strength but still offers versatile services

Since the first launch in 2018 more than 6.600 satellites Starlink have been launched to date, of which almost 6.100 are operational (¹). Satellites have evolved technically, just as the infrastructure was gradually improved. They are launched in packets of 20 up to 23 at the rate of one SpaceX flight on average every ten days. However, the planned constellation of 34.396 satellites is still far from being achieved. Service coverage expands over time with the addition of new territories as requests for authorization from States are successfully completed. (²).

For more than four years, many boaters around the world have equipped their boat with an antenna/router kit by using the “Roaming” service. (ROAM in English) that, with a particularly low cost, offers the possibility of maritime use off the coast thanks to an activated “Mobile Priority” option.

But everything is not as simple as that… Read more …

GNS 3000 Bluetooth GPS receiver for mobile [Update]

The GNS 3000 to Global Navigation Systems is available since November 2022 (¹). It replaces GNS 2000 More. Now equipped with a Bluetooth transmitter 5.0, it has an SD Card slot for recording position data continuously.

Compatible with Apple products, It caters mainly to non-GPS devices : iPod Touch and iPad WiFi all models. It can also be used with all PDAs, Bluetooth phones and tablets. It has a Li-Ion battery offering an autonomy of 10 continuous hours.

[Update 15 May 2024] Warning : from iOS/iPadOS 17.x, a update of the device is essential. But it can only be done from an Android device.

Read more …

Which iPad for navigation ? [Update-13]

Many of you ask me about choosing an iPad for boating use. Unfortunately having no time to respond to every request a post is required. Each year it is advisable to review this question, and sometimes more often.

With the presentation of the latest iPads on 7 May 2024, the chipset Apple M4 comes up on models iPad Pro 11″ and 13″, with 8 or 16 GB of RAM of RAM memory (depending on storage capacity). The’iPad 10 " low cost" price drop and’iPad Air 6 makes its entrance with a chip Apple M2 , 8 GB RAM and a screen 11″ diagonal. The big news is the appearance of a large iPad Air 13″ which complements iPad Pros with the same size. All of these devices are now built-in with the USB-C connector imposed by the European Union, and supplied with USB-C charger and cable. Read more …

Weather4D renews its GRIB model offering

Latest releases Lite, Routing, Routing & Navigation arrive with a completely revised list of weather and ocean models in order to allow users to benefit from the evolution of the offer of international forecasting models. At the same time, all GRIB files switch to the GRIB-2 format, This allows for a reduction in their size and a better compression ratio. Read more …