Weather4D renews its GRIB model offering

Latest releases Lite, Routing, Routing & Navigation arrive with a completely revised list of weather and ocean models in order to allow users to benefit from the evolution of the offer of international forecasting models. At the same time, all GRIB files switch to the GRIB-2 format, This allows for a reduction in their size and a better compression ratio. Read more …

Weather4D R&N and distance calculations

Since the arrival of the ARM-based Mac (M1… M3…) and the system macOS 11 Big Sur, Weather4D Routing & Navigation runs natively on our favorite computers (¹). But this happy event was not going to, since then, without a few small restrictions. The most annoying one for users was, to date, loss of distance calculation. This is done on touch devices by a two-finger long press, there was no function to translate this gesture on Mac. The mouse has only one pointer, not two ! Read more …

Weather4D Routing Update & Navigation

Updated 2.0.87 application Weather4D Routing & Navigation :

  • Fixed OSM map display
  • Adding maps ENC Germany (BSH) and ENC Netherlands (NLHO)
  • Minor fixes

The new cards derived from the ENCs are available for subscription at Geogarage. The ENC Germany file includes general maps of the entire Baltic Sea, but without the details outside the German shores.


Weather4D supports Bátar community

Bátar, What is ? This is the word "boat" in Icelandic. It is true that pronounced in French, it sounds a bit weird, but we quickly forget ! And why talk about it ? Because Weather4D has given its support to this surprising collective that has decided to revive the great tradition of the Vikings and their maritime expeditions. Toulouse citizen as the members of Bátar, Olivier Bouyssou was seduced by their project and the energy they have devoted to it for ten years. And since they already use its application to navigate the connection became obvious.. Read more …