SHOM removes facsimiles from UK charts

With the latest update of the SHOM the 16 September, 2021,Geogarage announces the removal of 18 facsimile charts from British charts covering, mainly, the south coast of England and Gibraltar. These areas are now only covered by the British Admiralty portfolio. (UKHO).

Indeed, SHOM recently announced (¹) rationalization of its catalog of nautical charts, onwards September 2021, by the deletion of many foreign charts reproduced under historical reciprocity agreements with some foreign hydrographic services. Read more …

Digital charts : purchase or subscription [Update] ?

[Update 3 March 2019]

With the multiple charts disappearances during the successive updates of iNavX, I received a number of requests for assistance in the recovery of the said charts.

Regardless of the fact that I am not the NavX Studios LLC bracket (iNavX) (¹), a focus is needed on the method of charts provision by distributors for our mobile applications.

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Buy charts on Geogarage

Weather4D Routing & Navigation offers a choice of raster charts from many international hydrographic services . Charts folders are available for application on the French web server Geogarage. Charts are subject to an annual subscription by Publisher directly on Geogarage website After creating an account. Once the subscription to a Publisher done, the entry in Weather4D 2.0 credentials created in Geogarage activate display of subscribed folder , ready to be downloaded. Procedure step-by-step :

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