eSail4VR V.1.14 Update

A new version of eSail4VR has just been published in the Windows Store online stores, Google Play, App Store (macOS), AppStore (iOS/iPadOS). It brings the following improvements since the major release 1.11 (¹) :

  • Adjustment of the "VMG max tolerance" option increased from 0° to 20° (5°previously).
  • Improved routing algorithms.
  • Improved stability.
  • Correction of the passage of the antimeridian.
  • Fixed various bugs

(¹eSail4VR 1.11 Available on the platforms [Update]

Weather4D Routing & Navigation 2.0.84

Update correcting a troubleshooting appeared with iOS 16.1. Unexpected and random crashes of the application that have been reported by users provided with some Wi-Fi gateways and multiplexers during the NMEA connection. The bug has been identified and has just been fixed.  

New patch update version 2.0.84 available for download for another iOS 16.x bug.


A new Expert Guide published by Voiles & Voiliers

Navigating with a Digital Tablet and a Smartphone has just been published by Éditions Voiles & Voiliers, Available in bookstores and specialty stores, Since the shop Voiles et Voiliers, on FNAC Books and Amazon.

A digital version is online at Apple Books Store and also for Kindle.


  1. Tablets and smartphones : Choosing the right device and essential accessories on board.
  2. Navigation applications : Review and detailed description according to your navigation types, by the day, Coast, or offshore.
  3. Integration From mobile devices to on-board instruments : understand and implement.

A pedagogical step-by-step of 128 Pages to update yourself with the latest developments and equip yourself today wisely (19,90 € paper version, 19,99 € on Book Store). Read more …