Weather4D and iOS Local Network

From iOS / iPadOS version 14.5, a new setting has appeared proposing to allow application access to the Local network. This option is offered when installing a new application, but is not necessarily activated if the application is already installed when updating the OS.

Since then, many of you can no longer connect certain applications (Weather4D, iNavX, aso.) to devices connected via Wi-Fi : Iridium GO!®, multiplexers, various NMEA gateways. To do this, you must activate this "Local network" option for the application concerned. Read more …

Start with an iPad / iPhone

For all browsers start with the use of an iPad, and who do not yet know the basics of handling. For all those who ask me :

  • How to load an application ?
  • How to load an application purchased on a second device ?
  • How to delete an application and load it again without paying ?
  • How to update applications ?
  • How do I know that there are updates ?
  • How to download a book in iBooks ?
  • How do I know that there is an update of a book ?
  • Etc, etc,…

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VirtualBox : increase the size of virtual disk [Update]

virtualboxVirtualBox allows me on my MacBook, for a while, to use some applications unavailable with OSX. For example, Some applications of configuration. I produced, from my website, an video tutorial regarding the installation of a Windows system 7 on a Mac with VirtualBox.

At the first installation, the application allows to create a default dynamic virtual disk 20 GB of RAM. The term "dynamic" means that the actual size occupied by the virtual volume will be that of the files installed., and that this size will increase with new files created, up to a maximum of 20 GB of RAM. As Windows 7 system needs only 12 up to 13 GB space, that seems actually enough and one do not change this size.

But today, with more and more applications, my virtual disk is full. I cannot add more files, nor proceed the major update, as the Service Pack 1 recently available. Do not panic. Since version 4.0 VirtualBox allows you to increase the size of the virtual disk.

[SHIFT version 5.0] Read more …

iOS 8.4 Fix bug GPS Bluetooth

Expected for a long time. In fact since the release of iOS 8.3 that included a bug preventing the Bluetooth GPS to provide position applications (iNavX and Co).

Apple today announced, between other corrections :

Other improvements and bug fixes
• Fixed an issue that prevented GPS accessories from providing location data

iTabNav confirms me that its tests with the GNS 2000 and the BadElf are positive. Alleluia !

Bug iOS 8.3 and Bluetooth GPS

The iTabNav company sent me information regarding all current owners of a GPS Bluetooth-powered for iPad Wi-Fi, as GNS2000 or BadElf.

Currently Apple iOS 8.3 no longer works with external Bluetooth GPS receivers. It seems that the Apple Location Services in latest version iOS 8.3 doesn't transmit the GPS data received from these GPS GNS2000 to the application for navigation.
Apple Inc.. is aware of this bug iOS and promises a solution as soon as possible. I hope that this problem will be solved in the next few days.
Several manufacturers applications for navigation have warned before update iOS 8.3 as BadElf, see :

Hope for users impacted an iOS version 8.3.1 will come quickly fix this bug. Can be expected because an update must quickly fix another bug much more important for Apple : the troubleshoooting of the Touch ID on many devices.

iOS7 and navigation applications

The latest version of iOS for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch has caused a lot of updates to compatibility. This time, with iOS7, developers have had hard work to put their interfaces in accordance. For our purposes, the latest versions optimized for iOS7 to date are :

  • iNavX 3.7.0
  • iSailor 1.5.5
  • AyeTides 3.0 (iPhone) and AyeTides XL 2.0 (iPad )
  • Weather4D 1.3.2 and Weather4D PRO 1.3.7

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iOS 5 can delete your Navionics charts without warning

Pleasant surprise in the ARC transatlantic 2011.

After transferring pictures from my camera to my iPad, for some reason the memory was saturated. I had yet to 9GB free and I have transferred the contents of an SD-Card 2GB. Mystery !

Still, after two or three system messages informing me of the next saturation, iOS 5 has simply deleted all my Navionics cartography used by iNavX !

When asked by e-mail, Rich Ray confirmed the fact possible :

"This is an unfortunate change in iOS5, the iOS will and can clear any apps downloaded data without notice if another app needs more space.. iOS does not notify the app if this happens ".

Olivier Bouyssou told me it was possible for developers to store application data in a folder reserved unerasable, but this was rarely allowed by Apple. It was a big problem because no one knew how IOS selected the applications they erased the data authority.

Yachtmen my friends, be prudent : if you do not want to lose your charting during the cruise, far from any network you can download them again, watch the space available on your iPhone and iPad.

Updated iOS5 and iNavX

Richard Ray tells us :

I noticed after updating to iOS 5 all my downloaded maps in iNavX disappeared. This occurred because the iOS update 5 update requires a full restore of the device and the charts are not stored in the iOS backup (because of iCloud). Let me know if you have a different operating.

To restore any NOAA charts, Select any NOAA region, then select the Recent filter (looks like a clock), then select "Update maps".

To restore any charts from X-Traverse (Navionics charts, NV-Verlag, Solteknik, aso.) : select the portfolio that you want, select "Update the list of cards", select a card then "Download all".

If you have any problem with your X-Traverse account, contact