Inflation does not spare yachting

Everything increases ! The 5 Apple has made the decision of an overall increase of its App Store pricing list about near 20%. So this applies to apps and some in-app purchases., such as services provided by the developers themselves, including cartography. This doesn't seem to be about auto-renewing subscription in-app purchases, like the "Navionics Plus" option in Boating, in example. Read more …

Satellite phones : prices increase in France

If satellite telephony tariffs, mainly Iridium and Inmarsat, have not evolved in the U.S.A., this is not the case in France. After storage removal of products remained on the shelves, new distributors supplies have suffered a sharp rise. Indeed, the combined action of Euro decline and French VAT rise obligated to a significant prices increase, both the material as communication SIM vouchers, pre-paid or post-paid. Read more …

Navionics charts trade policy [Update-5]

Trade policy for Navionics charts purchased on the website x - has - again - been reviewed in recent weeks, at the same time as the 'My Account' page has changed. These changes are unfortunately not all positive.

The renewal of the charts purchased was proposed for two years at a price of half of the initial purchase price, what had seemed a reasonable offer. This offer is gone for mobile media, and is maintained only for MacENC and applications for PC. This means that users who want to keep their charts updated beyond the first year must renew their chart folder at the initial purchase price. I find this totally counterproductive, as this will encourage many users of this excellent mapping not to renew their files and use them in the State for several years.

[Update 25/08/2014] Changes in the site X-Traverse Read more …

Navionics Marine louder

Fort of 1 million applications for mobile devices sold, announced end of April 2013, Navionics continues to introduce new and more attractive options. However, the term "attractive" might sometimes rhyme with "disenchanted".

The last option in-app available from 15 August 2013 is called NavionicsPlus. This is the fourth paying option that adds to its applicarions Navionics Navionics Marine iPhone and iPad. What is it ?

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Curious price changes in Navionics

Bad news : changes in the price of Navionics charts for iNavX iPad appeared on the site, and unfortunately for regions that concern us directly : Region 46XG Europe and 43XG Mediterranean (replacing the previous 23XG 2011) for iPad increase +13% from $54 up to $61 (either daily exchange 38 € up to 43 € about).

At the same time, however,, Region 28XG British Isles loses -18% from $84 up to $69 (59 € up to 48 € about). Good news for English navigators, and our fellow citizens who travel the beautiful coastline of the "Perfide Albion".

The fact remains that, after a significant increase in early May with the arrival of Editions 2011, it is surprising to see such rapid changes just at the beginning of the summer season, you'd think the stock rates !

Navionics charts 2011 : new pricing

Delivery of Navionics regions 2011 has accompanied a significant change in pricing : significant decrease in the price of charts for iPhone, increase for iPad.
Europe regions (43XG, 44XG, 46XG, 49XG) decrease by 60% for iPhone and increase 35% for iPad. Surprisingly, the British have their region 28XG for iPhone down only 22% ($31), but more than double for iPad ($84). Damned !

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Question of choice

A reoccurring question comes regularly by email from my visitors : which computer equipment to choose for yachting ? Actually, cope with the dramatic growth of material available for yachtmen, it becomes very difficult to form an opinion. By dint of giving partial answers to each other, often unsatisfactory, I ended up going to the evidence. Actually, choosing a navigation system based primarily on the answer to a question : for what need ?

So I tried to define these needs and to meet each an appropriate solution. This may seem a bit simplistic, but it was mainly the merit of simplicity. I took the opportunity to calculate the current budget to each of the solutions put forward a criterion that seems fundamental : the Need/Coast ratio. Let's go… Read more …