Miniplex-3Wi-N2K Firmware Update 2.0

ShipModul just completed a major upgrade V.2.0.6 of MiniPlex-3 firmware. Once installed in the MiniPlex-3-N2K, it becomes a certified product NMEA2000®. To perform this update, it is imperative to download and install the new version of the utility MPX-Config3 V.2.4.1 (¹). the firmware update is integrated into the utility package.


Many new features have been added for even more fluidity in the integration of networks NMEA 2000/0183 and SeaTalk¹ and to give better control of navigation data.

Control Raymarine autopilots in SeaTalk¹ was implemented and waypoints transfer from a navigation application to SeaTalk¹ and NMEA 2000. plotters. It means that, now, these data are transmitted to SeaTalk¹ network through SeaTalk bi-directional input port. This will connect the network SeaTalk¹ as shown opposite.

The NMEA 0183 sentences treatment method was changed, providing better throughput and loss reduction of sentences when too much data is sent to a NMEA 0183 too slow output.

The complete changelog of this update is available in English on ShipModul website.


Warning : this update will erase the current configuration of your MiniPlex-3 ! Thus the new utility MPX-Config3 V2.4.1 (¹) can not read your old configuration file correctly. We advise, before proceeding with the update, first, make a screenshot of your configuration using the previous version of the MPX-utility Config3. This will allow you to redo your original settings after the update.

The user manual for Miniplex-3 was also partially corrected (English only for now).

(¹) At the time of writing this entry, the Windows version is available, but MacOS version is still under development. This article will be updated with the implementation of screenshots as soon as received the Mac version.


4 Replies to “Miniplex-3Wi-N2K Firmware update 2.0”

  1. Hello Francis, First of all thank you for these valuable still very relevant information
    I just updated my MiniPlex 3Wi, and my goal is to be able to control my ST1000 driver from the application iSailor. I connected the pilot via NMEA out on the Miniplex, but this does not seem fonctnner, while data from my GPS and AIS are available on the application iSailor. The driver gets error when I pass in Track mode a priori received signal. Can you help me
    thanks in advance

  2. Hello
    Apparently, MiniPlex the configuration is more complex when connected to a network seatalk raymarine.
    And for now, there is no specific information as to the procedure

    1. Absolutely not. It simply connect a bare wire SeaTalk on port IN1 (see illustration) and configure this port in "SeaTalk". The Miniplex does everything else.
      These are the boats edge facilities that are complex, often several brands and several protocols (owner, NMEA0183, NMEA2000), requiring the development of wiring diagrams and properly configure the device. This is part of the services I offer.
      ShipModul provides a comprehensive installation guide in French and English, available on its website.

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