eSail4VR 1.11 Available on the platforms [Update]

In gestation and intensive tests for several months, The new version 1.11 is available on all platforms (¹). On the menu a large number of novelties, including "Expert Mode", A new routing engine, The support of the "boost" effect well known to specialists. The improvements mainly concern the user interface to meet the many requests and feedback from users. Let's see the details below…

[Update 29/01/2022] Fixes have been made to fix crashes on some platforms. See the latest versions on eSail4VR's page.

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The European Union is moving towards Open Data


Europe is moving forward in small steps, but it moves forward… Towards open access to data from public services ! The 21 December 2022 was published in the Official Journal of the European Union, under reference C/2022/9562, the " Implementing Regulations of the European Commission establishing a list of specific high-value datasets and how they will be published and reused". Read more …

Weather4D Routing & Navigation 2.0.84

Update correcting a troubleshooting appeared with iOS 16.1. Unexpected and random crashes of the application that have been reported by users provided with some Wi-Fi gateways and multiplexers during the NMEA connection. The bug has been identified and has just been fixed.  

New patch update version 2.0.84 available for download for another iOS 16.x bug.


Iridium emails accessible via webmail

On this opening day of the Paris Nautic boatshow, and as Christmas approaches, I can't resist the urge to provide a small gift to satellite messaging app users Iridium Mail & Web app. A tip that has just been reminded to me in the last newsletter of our friend Dominique, at, that you can meet on the Stand E11 – Hall 2 at ROM-Arrange.

For those who don't know yet, the email account created for use with the Iridium Mail & Web app (¹) has been accessible for some time by a Webmail from any internet browser. Read more …

A new Expert Guide published by Voiles & Voiliers

Navigating with a Digital Tablet and a Smartphone has just been published by Éditions Voiles & Voiliers, Available in bookstores and specialty stores, Since the shop Voiles et Voiliers, on FNAC Books and Amazon.

A digital version specific is online at Apple Books Store.


  1. Tablets and smartphones : Choosing the right device and essential accessories on board.
  2. Navigation applications : Review and detailed description according to your navigation types, by the day, Coast, or offshore.
  3. Integration From mobile devices to on-board instruments : understand and implement.

A pedagogical step-by-step of 128 Pages to update yourself with the latest developments and equip yourself today wisely (19,90 € paper version, 19,99 € on Book Store). Read more …