Celestial, navigation on iPhone and iPad [Update]

Company Navimatics Corp, located near Seattle, state of Washington, moved since October 2010 a complete application for celestial navigation. for iPhone, iPad , and also Mobile Android . It comes to be updated in version 1.5 with a new interface compliant iOS 8/9.

Celestial performs celestial sight reductions, calculates astronomical fixes, presents it graphically, manages sights on multiple trips and assist in sight planning. It includes a complete Almanac of the Sun, Moon, planets and stars. All this for 20 EUR, half the price of annual Nautical Almanac, true happiness !

Celestial includes :

  • The support of quick sight reduction

Once prompted all sights values (Date and Time, observed height, Lat / Long estimated, corrections, aso.) instantly calculate an intercept or confirm a manual sight reduction.

  • A comprehensive trip manager.

Allows to manage sights taken during a trip. We can store a list of all sights made on several trips, to consult, to arrange or to delete.

  • Sights management

Multiple sights can be grouped and averaged together to calculate a fix. Lines Of Position and fixes will be plotted on a virtual plotting sheet.

  • Support running fixes.

Celestial takes into account the estimated position of each sight to run the Lines Of Position.

  • A star finder and times of rising/set of celestial bodies are included. You can plan your sights in advance to be on deck just in time.

  • Almanac of the Sun, Moon, planets, the 57 stars useful for navigation, Aries and Polaris, until year 2099.
  • Context-sensitive help for each touch screen that show the use of each function (iPhone) or contextual help available on each page (iPad ).

All sight reduction algorithms are referred from the procedures of the U.S. Nautical Almanac (USNO). The positions of celestial bodies are predicted by the software from the U.S. Naval Observatory.

Version 1.5 is now equipped with a day/night display setting.

Note that this application is mixed, therefore, as iNavX, one application to buy if you own an iPhone and iPad. The french version is translated by myself.

Yachtmen my friends, handle your sextant !

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  1. Thank you ! effectivement après lecture de l’article « iPad, GPS et abonnement au réseau cellulaire 3G » je me rend compte que je ne suis pas seul !!

  2. Thanks for this info !

    I intend to buy an iPad Mini 2 3G soon, could you confirm that this model is compatible for autonomous navigation in offshore ? With Navionix for example. This model is not present in your article that compares the iPads.

    Impossible de trouver l’info auprès des « Pros » qui me conseillent à l’Apple Store, between those who tell me that the GPS navigation with an iPad is not possible, those who say that the GPS chip is not included in the ipad… In short they lose with their bullshit ! 🙂

    Thanks for your advice !

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