New for Weather4D

The last update of the three applications Weather4D (Lite, Routing, Routing & Navigation) several user-requested improvements in the display of meteograms. But what is less obvious is a big work on the charts display in the Routing & Navigation, to better streamline the tiles overlay at different scales, during handling of zoom and slide, and remove the "black zones" that sometimes remained on older generation low-performance devices.

Regarding the display of data, changes include :

  • Display time of arrival and departure on the meteogram (Routing, R&N)

  • Display of arrival time and distance in "Simulation and Routing" (Routing, R&N)
  • Display directions (wind, waves and currents) and periods (waves) on the meteogram (All)
  • Date display in full screen mode (All)
  • Adjustable units to the direction of waves and current (All)

Added to this is, as usual, some bug fixes and various cosmetic improvements.



6 Replies to “New for Weather4D”

  1. After 2200 miles this winter of Genoa in LA Rochelle, I just used this wonder for 15 days in cabotage between the openings and the Gulf of Morbihan…
    I look for… I look for… I seek any improvements proposed……..

    He has ! I found. IL manque L’ETA dans la liste des paramètres affichables en mode « instruments ». We have the remaining time navigation, but not ETA seems you…
    I am obliged to have iNavX next for this info. What a shame ! and here requires me to have two iPads !!
    ;-)) I'm joking, of course.

    Hope to see you at your end Francis speech in August in LA Rochelle. I am the Louisiana LA pontoon neighbor !

  2. Thank you for developers ! And do not hesitate to leave an opinion on the AppStore, it would make us a great service.
    Thanks for the dev, and feel free to let a review and a notation in the AppStore,it would be nice for us!

  3. A wellcome upgrade to an app that is absolutely top score and has changed the way of cruising, everybody should give at least a try..

  4. Bravo for the last MaJ, and thank you for all this work.
    I work with W4D Routing and navigation almost every day for several months => outstanding reliability !!!
    No need to use other sites to have a clear idea of ​​the weather conditions.
    The tool dreamed that such long overdue…

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