iNavX 5.2 : AIS by Internet service becomes paying

With the latest release 5.2 of iNavX, AIS reception service by internet becomes charge. This service, provided by the company SiiTech for free from the origin of iNavX (¹), becomes a subscription service.

It will now pay 98 € for a yearly subscription to this service. Having, AIS reception via internet is only an informative service, in any case a security tool. Only a receiver, or better an AIS transceiver , connected by TCP / IP, can provide real security. And that, yet, remains an included feature in the application, fortunately.



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  1. Actually. The new version no longer possible to choose the location of AIS targets. By default, c 'is the last location of the area before the update is saved

  2. Hello Francis

    In conclusion, for sailors equipped with AIS transceiver on the boat there is no change. He can follow his board all vessels equipped with AIS connected.
    It is only for followers, family, friends and others who are on the ground it changes forcing them to have to pay an annual fee of 98 € if they want to know our positions at sea according to our navigation.
    T are not there other opportunities for onshore followers to know our roads and positions ?
    Thank you

    1. If, un service de tracking (Advanced Tracking, Garmin inReach, YB Tracking, Dolinka, aso.) based on Iridium satellite networks, GlobalStar ou Inmarsat.

  3. I probably misspoke myself then. What I wanted to say, c'est that, even after the update, I always have access to AIS with the TCP / IP connection, and this free way.
    That will give me more subscription, if I take ?

    1. Nothing that you can not have with Marine Traffic, Vessel Finder, or other global networks internet reception. This is strictly an informative service.

  4. Hello Francis.

    I updated iNavX, but I still have the ability to have the AIS with the TCP / IP connection. Is this normal ?

    1. J’ai bien écrit « Et ça, yet, remains an included feature in the application, » en parlant d’un transpondeur AIS embarqué.

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