iNavX changes hands

New developers, new logo, new splash page, and new web site.

Version 4.7.0 just be issued by NavX Studios LLC, the company that bought all of Richard Ray's computer creations : GPSNavX, MacENC and iNavX.

Procurement is carried out during the summer. New developers (they are two) were first focused on iNavX, for a first update of debugging, performance optimization and acceleration of charts downloading with X-Traverse. Let us hope that this transfer will bring a new dynamic to these excellent applications, whose creation and development have rested since 2002 on the unique Rich Ray's keyboard.

I continue to test and produce the French version of these applications on behalf of the new team.



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  1. Hello,

    I use inavx since May's time with the AIS XB8000 transponder.
    The entire system is interesting and works well.
    Small flat, the AIS alarm is non-existent ! Only a display and a small his ridiculous for boats not even en route from collision and no need to validate, it shuts itself.
    Is it intended a change ?
    As of having to manually validate when an alarm for road collision occurs ?
    Finally just an alarm at the height of the software with different setting possible.
    Thank you

  2. Hello, I thought I read in an edition of "Voiles&Sailboats ”or perhaps it was“ Multihull ” (I don't remember what no.) that iNaviX had released a version for Android. What is ? Thanks for any info on this subject.

  3. Good day, I would like to know the content of the next release and possibly the backlog of inavx.
    Is it possible ?
    I am overall satisfied with this software and actually interface with weather 4G pro who got well used for the rise in the Bay of Biscay late August.
    But there are a few improvements on the trace, on the stats post nav …
    Thank you.

  4. This change of hands, gives me hope, I wish new developments with in particular the opening to S-57 and S - 63 formats as does MacENC. Carj' have enough of Navionics cartography (price, quality and look). iNavX remains interesting for its compatibility with Weather 4 d Pro for routing calculations, While waiting for the next version, no doubt powerful version of it.

    Good luck with the new team

    Spirit of salt

  5. The good news is that you continue to ensure the French version if I can afford. For the rest my project is a little delayed but it moves and I followed your advice. Yours GilDin

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