iPhone 4 : location componants

With the iPhone 4, Apple provides a significantly improved device for use in applications of sea and land, as iNavX.

Our friends iFixit were dissected as usual the first device in their hands. Here are the results of their investigations.

The location chipsets of the iPhone 4

We find in the iPhone 4 same components Broadcom present in the iPad, namely :

  • Option unit BCM4329 combo WiFi 802.11n/Bluetooth 2.1 EDR and FM receiver
  • The A-GPS chipset Broadcom BCM4750, once again prefered to Infineon competing chipset.

Modules BCM4329 and BCM4750 on the motherboard (Source iFixit)

In addition, we find out :

  • A new gyroscope 3 axes STM33DH ST-Micro
  • A new magnetic sensor AKM8975

A receiver system particularly ingenious


The stainless steel frame supporting the antennas (Source iFixit)

The stroke of genius of Apple is thinking, and successful, integrate GSM antennas, UMTS, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth within the stainless steel frame of the device ! This should significantly fix reception issues encountered with previous devices.

It only remains to wait for boatmen feedback soon equipped with the new smartphone. But no doubt they will be positive.

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  1. I just got my iPhone 4 and in GPS ( As with the rest also), is day and night compared to my 3G.

    It is very quick to position, it is very accurate and much more sensitive. I capture the GPS signal even inside (Attic still…) or in the glove compartment of my car. I was obliged to put my 3G under the windshield in the air vents to get the same result. I think the new chip and the BCM4750 large antenna in the box are there for something.

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