Bad news from Apple !

In a post October 2009, I titrais " Good news from Apple "citing decreasing price of the Mac Mini that had just been renewed. This time it's frankly the opposite !

In the media frenzy surrounding the arrival of the iPad, iPhone 4 and iOS4, the presentation of the Mac Mini unibody 2010 seems to be (nearly) unnoticed… except for the purse.

macmini unibody

Nouveau Mac Mini Unibody

Despite its undeniable qualities, France fare of this new model is hard to swallow : passing from 549 € up to 799 €, either a price increase more 45% ! Apple has severely impacted the decline of the euro against the U.S. dollar, but this does not explain fully the rise (*).

Thus, the minimum computer configuration for a boat becomes much less attractive, regardless of its technical interest.

If we consider an entry-level configuration, including :

  • Mac Mini 2,4 GHz – HD 320 GB – RAM 2 GB = 799 € 699 €
  • Screen 19 First Prize″ = 140 €
  • Apple Keyboard Standard = 49 €
  • Wired Mouse first price = 17 €

Consider a configuration with a bit more 1000 € without software. The Mac Mini is more an entry-level computer, but becomes a luxury. It's heartbreaking.

[Update 30 July 2010] Comparison with the price of recent mini-PC 12V shows that the Mac Mini remains anyway an excellent price / performance ratio.

[Update 2 November 2010] Price cut about 12,5% in the French tariff to 699 €. Good news !

(*) Mac Mini : discomfort

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