Urgent ! Iridium GO!® firmware update and app GO!®

A new version of firmware 2.1.22 is now available for the’Iridium GO!®. This release includes an update to fix an incorrect time and date issue for the device Iridium GO!® and the application GO!®. This problem does not affect the functionality of the device/application. The calls, data, SMS, SOS and tracking are still working normally. Only cases where a message (Quick GPS, tracking, SOS) contains a date / time, this one will be incorrect. The order of messages in the Iridium GO application!® may not be observed, as well as missed voice calls. Upgrading the device to the new firmware version 2.1.22 will solve this problem.

It is recommended that all affected users upgrade to the new firmware version as soon as possible in order to resolve the issue on the Iridium GO!® device and Iridium GO!® app corresponding. Some users who left their Iridium GO! ® device on, charging and who have not cycled their device may not immediately notice an offset in the time and date. However, after powering on the device, they will encounter the problem of displaying wrong time and date. It is therefore recommended to all users, whether they are currently facing this problem or not yet, update their device as soon as possible.

Firmware update instructions

Although this firmware update is not mandatory, it is recommended to do this as soon as possible to ensure the best experience for the end user.
To get the firmware V.2.1.22 and update instructions, please see the page www.iridiumgoapp.com/fw

Application Update Instructions

A new update of the Iridium GO!® iOS version 1.6.33 andAndroid version 1.6.20 is also available on their respective app stores. This app also contains time and date correction in addition to firmware update, i.e. SMS messages in inbox, the timestamp on the recent calls screen.
If the user switches to the new application and not to the new firmware, the application goes :
  • Fix the timestamp issue in the app such that any instances that show the wrong timestamp will now be updated to reflect the correct time and date.
  • Identify GO!® device firmware when the app is connected, and notify the user to update to the latest firmware through a pop-up notification saying "In order to display the correct time and date on the Iridium GO!®, the messages, SOS monitoring and alerts, please visit < iridiumgoapp.com/fw> for important firmware update instructions ».  
Please note that simply updating the app and not the firmware will not resolve outgoing message timestamps such as tracking, the quick GPS message and the SOS message.
Although this update of the app is not mandatory, it is recommended to do this as soon as possible to ensure the best experience for the end user.

4 Replies to “Urgent ! Iridium GO!® firmware update and app GO!®”

  1. Hello Francis,
    On the one hand I have the Iridium GO application! on my iPhone and on the other I have the Iridium go device. I don't have an active Sim card,
    I can update the application on my iPhone, but how to update my Iridium device ? Do I have to plug it into my computer which is a PC with Windows system 7?

    1. PC/Windows en USB. Instructions for performing the update are provided in a PDF file included in the firmware package. Follow the step-by-step.

  2. Hello, can we make this correction on the Iridium Go when it does not have an active card ?

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