Anchor Alarm with iNavX

inavx anchor alarmiNavX offers for a while an "anchor alarm" feature, currently available at the bottom of the application Home page.

This feature was frequently criticized as impractical. iNavX 3.3.0 rectifies the failure in an improvement that makes it particularly clever now fully operational.

The "Anchor Alarm" is used to define the radius of a circle drift, with an adjustment from 0,01 NM (19 meters) to 0,30 NM (556 meters) beyond which an alarm (buzzer) triggers.

The distance is displayed according to the setting "Distance decimal" in Preferences > Units, either in nautical miles, in meters, or in feet if Yards has been selected as main unit of distance. A cursor used to select the desired distance, buttons [+] and [-] to adjust more accurate.

The big news is the " Anchor "Which allows you to choose the distance and bearing of the estimated position of the anchor to define this position as the center of the radius of the drift alarm. The safety distance will therefore focus on this position. In addition, with Location Services enabled, it is enough to steer the iPhone or iPad to the anchor position and hit " Select " button to get the right bearing. Only remains to choose the desired distance for drift radius.

alarme de mouillage

Adjust the distance and bearing of the anchor

" Test "You can check the correct operation of the alarm.

Anchor alarm is displayed on the chart with red cross plotting center position of drift circle, displayed with red circle.

cercle de mouillage

The circle of safety around the estimated position of the anchor

Once triggered, the alarm is turned off by " Cancel "Or closing of the alarm window.

Last improvement, alarm setting is also available now, either from the Instruments banner in Chart view, [i], button, either from Settings in view Instruments.

Richard Ray responds by the way to many users feedback on forum.


2 Replies to “Anchor alarm with iNavX”

  1. I return to 2 Navigation months between Marseille and the Balearic.
    We have in each set, uitlisé anchor alarm function. To get a more accurate position possuble, we activate the alarm when we anchor cast anchor. Then, we increase the radius according to the chain length used.
    If the system is very effective, we have yet encountered recurring problems related to inavix.
    Indeed, whether at anchor or when sailing, inavix crashes every time, I explained: we open the application that starts up almost instantly, However, if we touch the screen before the gps of the IPAD is initialized Silk, inavix crashes, Same when inavix is ​​based, gps and initialized, When we returned to the chart table, is inavix was frozen on the screen, requiring a reboot; the screens were either active, but planted information? For example, increased from the map screen to that of instruments, possible, but the data are fixed as instruments planted. New verifie J'ai between réglages, and modified in inavix lock after x minutes!!! Nothing to do, I checked if the problem could come from the cell of my gps ipad1, but no problems!!!!! And therefore, we could not fully taken advantage of the function alrme wetting as possible during the day before crash, or inavix, since each user would require a re-start at least and sometimes downright inavix switch off the IPAD. For when it works against, is the top!
    Final thought, plroblèmes of the crashes inavix started when we saved waypoints. Other users have encountered problems? How to backup all our data to de-inavix inavix uninstall and reinstall, then import our backed up data.
    I will end, that inavix, is really at the top for mapping, the weather reports downloaded…..we are considering the purchase of expensive but stylish waterproof case, to fix the ipad the helm of our boat!

    1. I am even more amazed at your comment that being a user of iPad 1 for nearly two years I have never met you mention crashes. Among my relations, Some browsers use iNavX over very long distances (Atlantic, Peaceful) and I have never talked about this problem. See the articles on my blog, for example :
      https / / crossing-the-pacific-with-an-ipad /
      https / / cross-the-Atlantic-with-an-ipad /
      I gather that you have encountered trouble from, or a physical imperfection of your iPad, a deterioration of the system (memory, OS) but by no means a failure of the software iNavX. J’ai, for my own, about 200 WP saved on my card folios and it does not cause any slowdown in application.
      However, you can export all your WP, routes and tracks to your account through to x-import them later if you want to uninstall and then reload the application. See’iNavX Help to do.

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