When Katia meets La Louise

Thierry Dubois and his crew, whose Jacques Vermeulen experimenting its Iridium connection with its new MacBook Air, should not laugh at a time when I post this short note.

La Louise, conveying from Newfoundland to La Trinité, is in the making up of Hurricane Katia, ex-tropical cyclone, which must reach the shores of the British Isles the next night. According to the latest position and the estimated speed, La Louise should be in the west of the weather area "Romeo", either in the southeast of the center of the Low, its intended position on the Navimail map below the location of the red boat at 18h UTC :

La route de La Louise rattrapée par Katia

We can see, to the pointer location (white arrow), more than 100 nautical miles north of the boat's estimated position, details of the toughest conditions, with a total sea from a height of more than 9 meters and waves up to 18 meters !

The boat has already run 15 hours 50 knots of wind two days ago, without much concern, but there, must have the faint of heart and a damn good boat. What I do not doubt for a moment. Fortunately for them, depression moves over 30 knots and will soon be gone. The rest of the course should be a lady walk in with. What to recover from their emotions.

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