Bug iOS 8.3 and Bluetooth GPS

The iTabNav company sent me information regarding all current owners of a GPS Bluetooth-powered for iPad Wi-Fi, as GNS2000 or BadElf.

Currently Apple iOS 8.3 no longer works with external Bluetooth GPS receivers. It seems that the Apple Location Services in latest version iOS 8.3 doesn't transmit the GPS data received from these GPS GNS2000 to the application for navigation.
Apple Inc.. is aware of this bug iOS and promises a solution as soon as possible. I hope that this problem will be solved in the next few days.
Several manufacturers applications for navigation have warned before update iOS 8.3 as BadElf, see : http://bad-elf.com/blogs/bad-elf/18013536-alert-compatibility-issue-with-apple-ios-8-3-and-external-gps-receivers

Hope for users impacted an iOS version 8.3.1 will come quickly fix this bug. Can be expected because an update must quickly fix another bug much more important for Apple : the troubleshoooting of the Touch ID on many devices.


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  1. I have a garmin glo and can report that an update of the software from Garmin’s website to version 2.7 sorted this problem for me and is now working again with iOS 8.3.

  2. East – what any external bluetooth gps work on IPad 3 mini version 8.3 ?
    I have a GSN 2000 there make it another thing to do to have the GPS on Time Zero position,
    that wait and pray that the next Apple version is correct ?
    Thank you and congratulations for your blog, you help many people !

  3. Hello,
    A question completely unrelated with this bug. I browse for a long time with a MacBook Pro (currently under Yosemite 10.10.3), and a version OpenCpn 4 which would well be put in contact with GPS data. Unfortunately the MacBookPro is devoid GPS. Their side my iPhone 5 and especially my wifi iPad cellular have good GPS, but not in OpenCPN. Is there a solution to transfer my iPad GPS data (or the rigour of my iPhone) to my MacBookPro OpenCPN ?
    Need to download some apps on the iPad – and if so which ? And perhaps also on the Mac (and here too ?).

    I think that I'm not all alone ask me this question…
    Thank you in advance, and congratulations for your blog

    1. Response sent by mail.
      But it is a hybrid solution. Better a USB GPS or Bluetooth :
      For the Bluetooth, be careful :

  4. I had this concern with my Garmin GLO… In fact it took to update on the site Garmin UPdater and it works again ! For the info at Garmin they told me to go to their express Garmin site but it is not taken into account. It is Orbitica who I had bought it that has solved the problem !

  5. Yet a different iOS coming so ? This multiplies the risk of loss of its cards (What is desired ?), which of course, in the meantime, can no longer be re-uploaded for free. I was hesitant to go to the 8.3, but strangely, with the previous version, I could no longer updating applications in a simple way by wifi, have to go through the PC. It is therefore with regret that I've updated my iOS. 🙁

    I will say in a few days.

    1. happy ending. History of the case.
      Coincidentally I found a bug on a map, that I would not have found if I had not known the area, and that would have made me pass on the pebbles

      I had already visited this area at other times, There was not this bug. So there was this time in blue (water temperature) there where is there not in fact, on the dune between the Pie and the Chamber, to the Glénan. I imagine 200 boats at anchor trying to start saw me perched up there. I modified the heights of water security to try to solve the problem, It changed nothing. I turned off the unit, turned back on, always blue. I then wanted to restore my so-called backup made my PC via Itune. It doesnt, and now I have more card at all. I wanted to re - download on Xtraverse, my account is expired.

      I do not know what happened, Here is the history of the facts.

      1) Message for a new iOS. I bypassed, because every time, We lost that one to painfully mastered. And with the vague impression that one day, This will be my applications will be more adapted to the new iOS,

      2) On the other hand, I upgrade my applications, Inavix, Wheater, ayetides. Or, This time, Update link doesn't work for any. I put it on a slow connection account, I'll see later.

      3) Still no way to update applications, Despite what I this time near the box.

      4) I put this problem on the fact that I do not have the new Omo micro (forgiveness, iOS), and I resolve to update iOS

      5) estimated download date time (leaning against the box) 13 hours. I quit the update. I try my applications, they are all there, and work. ER-reux

      6) I take the resolution to pass me once for any of this new iOS, and I do updates of applications via the PC by Itune.

      7) I discovered the bug. Due to the interruption of the iOS update ?

      X - traverse contacted, has reactivated me my cards in the day. I tried different folios for the same zone, everything is OK.

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