The new TimeZero arrived

You remember the launch of TimeZero in June 2013 and the interest aroused among the many users of MaxSea on PC. I wrote then :

MaxSea is already planning future developments in its application. The next major release will probably see the connection to external instruments WiFi, file transfers (waypoints, routes and tracks files) with other applications, perhaps openness to other charting editors

We waited, hoped, and then Pschiiitt ! More no developments since that date other cosmetic improvements in November 2013 before the Paris boat show. More no contact for me with the developers (I was tester for beta versions). More no news for a year until reported rumors of the last METS of Amsterdam stating that integrating ongoing development (finally) the AIS, and also the WiFi radar DRS4W Furuno. It is now made from the 23 April.

TimeZero 2.0 : AIS and Radar WiFi

Two options enable functions : AIS for 9 € and Radar for 45 €. On this last, considering the price of the Radar DRS4W, This option could be provided free of charge (*) !

The connection to the AIS, once the iPad is connected to the Wi-Fi of the transponder or the multiplexer, is carried out by entering the IP address and the specific communication port of the device .

The AIS targets are displayed with differentiated colors (class A or B) and velocity vectors with adjustable duration or distance, with flag of ROT (Rate Of Turn). A tap on a ship icon opens a window with detailed information, as well as the calculations of approach (CPA, TCPA).

I unfortunately have not better capture, without the internet to restore my maps.

About Radar, It will wait before finding screenshots other than those provided by Nobeltec when training indoors to the USA to get an opinion.

Compulsory registration

Little change in the user interface. The toolbar has been moved at the bottom of the screen, the settings menu has been enriched TCP/IP functions and improvements. La grande nouveauté consiste en l’obligation de créer un compte « My TimeZero » à la première ouverture dont on se demande bien à quoi il va servir, but purchases restore in-app (charts and options) that would normally go through iCloud Drive.

I cannot fail in the spring to a little further test as soon as I will ship them on a vessel equipped with an AIS transponder.

(*) Let us recall that Furuno is a shareholder in 49% Signet S.A. owner of MaxSea. See my post The stakeholders of electronic charting


5 Replies to “Le TimeZero nouveau est arrivé

  1. Merci en effet bravo weather 4d ! à quand la version avec carte SHOM pour iOS ?

  2. Good evening,
    If have raster maps provides a useful complement to the vector iNavX and for unbeatable price, so far these cards on TimeZero have two big flaws that make them dangerous to date especially if there is they to navigate. On the one hand because they are not day following areas, and on the other hand the tiling of maps is not good, because it obscures some dangerous areas which in the following example are next to the editor, I appreciate anyway for the quality of its products on PC, but on their app iPad so far with much less enthusiasm. For example, If one zooms in on Hendaye and that looking at the so-called zone of lighters, to the ENE of the harbour along the coast, There are fine but lighters that are cut in rocks 2 between two maps of different scales but does not cover. The rocks of the lighters are concealed on the eastern part of the lower scale map that would be sensible give best accuracy. If the sailor not knowing this side, Lighters are a real danger (more untagged), don't rely that this card could get too close, or be set by a blow of Embata, strong wind very suddenly well known here.
    Thank you for your opinion.

  3. The cards are still not up-to-date Yeu-Noirmoutier-Fromentine even though it has been reported to 2013 (joined navionics screenshots !)
    – Changes pontoon Ile D'yeu
    – Yet the former boom Fromentine
    – Management port blank Morin
    Wholesale 8 years late

  4. Hello Francis
    Version 2 has few changes , other ones you reported, which are related to hardware.
    The weather is always also minimalist (the nearest airfield)
    The roads are not exportable, or unwearable .
    It's pretty, but far from iNavX or iSailor

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