Iridium stops the distribution of the AxcessPoint router [Update]

Iridium announced in its distribution network shutdown late February router WiFi AxcessPoint (¹) which allows an iPad or an iPhone to connect to an Iridium phone to access a messaging service.

No need to worry to have for current users : the associated Iridium messaging service will remain active and accessible to all users. But this router can no longer be ordered from 25 February.

Iridium intends to give preference as soon as now its Iridium GB solution! (²) for telephone access and data low-speed. For future purchasers, the concept is better suited and much more economical than an Iridium phone + router AxcessPoint. But for browsers, This is not necessarily the best solution, particularly for safety. It is more secure to carry in an annex, or even a life raft, an 9575 sealed and self-contained as an Iridium GO! useless without carry a smartphone also waterproof.

For current holders of an Iridium phone, and for those who prefer choose this solution, they can use the WiFi router Optimizer from Global Marine Network, more universal because supporting almost all of the existing telephone satellite systems.

[Update 19/02/2015]

The good news, It is that the application Iridium Mail & Web is updated to use this router with the free mail service Iridium, but only for the connection of mobile phones Iridium (9575, 9555, 9505A) with the tablets and smartphones.

Iridium with PC and Mac connections will be only supported by the messaging service XGate of GMN with a subscription.

It is a change in the continuity that will have little impact on current and potential users.

(¹) Iridium AxcessPoint : GRIB weather files on iPhone and iPad in open sea
(²) Iridium GO! keeps its promises [Update]


4 Replies to “Iridium stops distributing the AxcessPoint router [Update]”

  1. Hello,
    Congratulations for your articles.
    I just saw that the isathub was available (1400€ inc VAT).
    The communication rate seems "acceptable": with an annual subscription of € 320, the price of the MB is 4,3$ HT, What is reasonable to retrieve 100 KB grib (billing of 50 mini then by 20 KB KB).
    And especially, the connection speed should recover files more easily than the GB iridium solution.
    What do you think?
    Thank you
    Julien (I'm doing a round the Atlantic family in August)

    1. It is very interesting, but with a size restriction : absolutely unusable at sea, except moored to a pontoon ! Once locked the satellite antenna must remain undisturbed for not binding. IsatHub is reserved, alas, for land use. Reason why I did not speak on this blog.

  2. Hello,
    Your article of 17/02 timely response to your response by email of 16/02 on my questioning on the adapter kit router AxcessPoint with an IRIDIUM 9505 A for use with an IPAD.
    I agree with your approach to security which reinforces my belief in the idea of keeping my IRIDIUM 9505 A and complete its installation on board (Dock, HP, antenna fixed on gantry, etc ).
    So I am forgetting the "Iridium AxcessPoint" router and considering acquiring GMN's WiFi Optimizer router..
    Can you confirm that this solution will allow us to correctly receive the Grib and messaging on a Tablet IPAD Cellular 3 G files.
    Jean Gabriel

    1. I confirm. Two conditions :
      – Equipping the 9505A in its cradle with serial connector and a serial/USB cord Prolific to connect to the router Optimizer
      ERRATUM :
      – Subscribe by e-mail At GMN XGate (only the 9555 and 9575 can use Messaging Iridium)
      For a messaging service free Iridium : 9505A (check), 9555, 9575, Iridium GO!

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