Heat wave ? How to refrigerate your iPad

My friends Christiane and Jochen Lührs are the proud owners of a superb classic ketch German building, Socorro, with which they regularly cross the west European coasts. Fully built of solid wood in 1951, they maintain her with meticulous care, after many navigations from Norway to Scotland, and Europe to the West Indies.

In stopover a few days ago in Vannes, I had the great pleasure to visit them. I knew Jochen when he was the German translator of iNavX, now a fan of Weather4D. I finally got to visit their magnificent boat, which attracted more than a glance along the quay, with its perfect polish, its gleaming stainless steel, its masts Spruce, and impressive wheelhouse. I have also discovered an amazing invention…

In the wheelhouse, with a superb iPad support, of impeccable quality joinery :

But the most astute of this case was well hidden. For through the immense cabin glazing, sometimes the sun can heat considerably, and iPad quickly reach the set temperature protection.

Jochen was therefore very proud to show me his refrigeration trick, builted into the support, judge by yourself :

The built-in cooling unit to the support ! Enjoy quality joinery.

It's a long time since I had seen a remarkable achievement, from a simple idea ! He deserves to be in the Guinness World Records.



2 Replies to “Canicule ? How to refrigerate your iPad”

  1. interesting trick, but unconvincing. I use my iPad for navigation with ap boating. My iPad is my cockpit to flybridge my Grand Banks 42. It is the shadow of my bimini and dead load on a USB 12v socket. I made almost 800nm ​​this summer overheating, when I forgot my iPad at the port in the sun.

  2. Superbe indeed! Must ask the manufacturer of aiShells ( also German) to provide room for ice packs…
    In fact I used Weather4D on an iPad Air (2013) I recovered without GPS and GPS (the AIS Watcheye) with all other navigation data via NEMA83 / wifi. This iPad has passed away, I now have an iPad with GPS. Clearly it considerably heats (and of course, is much faster discharge) my old system due to continuous access to the GPS antenna, I will restore my old configuration and resume the GPS sent over wifi.

    Other info / experience:
    Last summer I lost my GPS (Watcheye); so I used a GPS2IP iPhone6s who sent on my iPad which turned Weather4D. This worked very well for several days, time to finish my cruise. In this case it is of course the iPhone that tended heat and I had to keep active and in charge…

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