APP4NAV discontinues the Android version of Weather4D

Weather4D had been ported to Android from fall 2013. One year later, in December 2014, Weather4D integrated charting navigation, NMEA data support via TCP-IP, autopilot control. Routing was only missing, already developed on iOS for Apple devices.

Alas, the following years, the time-growth of iOS development did not allow the developer to follow the Android version in parallel to the same level of functionality. Finally, two years ago, Google announced that applications using native code should include a version 64 bits (in addition to the version 32 bits).

The developer says on its website (*) :

"Weather4D Android is an application 32 bit support mode because we focused on the iOS platform. It was therefore questionable to convert the application 64 bits. In this context, Weather4D Android will be phased out. Google automatically withdraws the Play Store app in August 2021 ".

In conjunction with this observation, the recent collaboration with SailGrib, Weather routing and navigation applications leader on Android with its version SailGrib WR, led to switch at the end of the year Weather4D Android app to SailGrib, maintaining the same functions (weather models, cartography) plus many advanced features already present in SailGrib.

In the future, developers of these applications, iOS and Android, continue to work together to bring the functions of the two products more closer, and thus offer their users the same level of service and quality.

(*) The future of Android Weather4D