Send Tweets via SMS from your Iridium

MailaSail informs us : you can now update your Tweets directly from your Iridium phone (*). Start by sending an SMS from your Iridium with words START or SIGNUP to short code 40404…

iridium extremeHow to update Twitter via Iridium :

  1. Send a text to short code Twitter 40404 with the word START.
  2. Twitter will respond by asking you to subscribe if you are a new account or reply with your username if you are already registered.
  3. Send your username (do not add any other characters in this message, otherwise it can not be read correctly).
  4. Then Twitter will ask you a password, write it carefully (be careful : passwords are case sensitive, upper and lower case).
  5. Twitter will ask you to answer OK if you want to use your phone with Twitter. Send OK, and you are registered ! Now you can send short messages with your Twitter account, and they will be posted as Tweets under your Twitter profile for all your subscribers.

Life is beautiful, la vie 😉

(*) Tweet via SMS from your Iridium